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Found 6 results

  1. https://www.australianflying.com.au/latest/gas-plume-could-stall-light-aircraft-aopa
  2. Hi All Being a Jab owner I thought I should practise engine failures……..haha I live in north WA on the coast so conditions at this time of year are probably not the best. It can be 40 C with a 30 knt sea breeze over changing country of hard rock, sand dunes, both yellow and red and up to 30 meters high and over the coast. Its quite turbulent conditions. The PHB says that the best glide speed for the 230 is 60 Knts the stall speed is 54Knts clean. However I was thinking given the type of air I fly in should I practise the EF drills at 70 Knts to give myself a margin of error considerin
  3. We now know why and who is manipulating RAAUS for their own benefit.this is why the weight increase is being driven at all cost to the detriment of 99.9 percent of members CT Simulator Proves A Winner At AirVenture Australia AeroJones Builds CTLS Aircraft And A Full-Motion Training Simulator To better prepare pilots to fly the AeroJones Aviation Technology CTLS Light-Sport Aircraft currently manufactured in Xiamen, China, the company created a full-motion flight simulator. This machine proved to be a major attraction at an airshow called AirVenture Australia (AVA) in Ne
  4. I just discovered that Whats Up Australia is back on line. There needs to be a return to activity there because there are lots of "Guests" hitting the site, but there is no new content.
  5. I just came across the consultation documents for long awaited Part 103. My quick reading of the docs suggests that those of us who have aircraft that have not been "certified" by RAAus (ie most homebuilts) will need an experimental certificate to continue flying them. I hope I'm wrong or the VH option keeps getting better. See at: https://consultation.casa.gov.au/regulatory-program/cd-1910os/ . Consultation closes 30 September.
  6. When we talk about paying or not paying landing fee, I think pilots frequenting landing areas like Porepunkah and other outer rural location are happy to assist with a donation. Generally these ALAs have a dedicated group of volunteers doing the maintenance and most pilots enjoy/appreciate the work these people put in . GA which includes RA Aus and Gliding clubs are being forgotten and in some cases driven from air fields. Redevelopment of landing areas is a serious concern, some air field operators are looking for a short term gain ,but what are the local communities loosing and it not
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