Usual stocked item

A usual stocked item is one that we generally always have in stock however whilst we may try our best, there may be a time when large quantity purchases cause us to suddenly run out of stock in which case new stock would automatically be ordered and will probably be arriving within a day or so.

Direct from distributor

To keep stock costs down, some products may be dispatched to you direct from the distributor. If this is the case there is generally no impact on time but if you have ordered in stock products as well, you may receive 2 deliveries instead of one from us.

Special order

A special order product is one that we will order in for you, it is no problem but we do suggest that you give us a ring first on 03 9444-8025 just to confirm that there won't be any delays in obtaining the product from the distributor for you.

Limited stock

Limited stock means that we may be either:

  1. Clearing out the product and will no longer be stocking it and thus only have a limited number of options available such as size and color etc, or
  2. The product is only supplied to us in small batches thus limiting the amount of stock that we can have at any time before it is sold out and we have to wait till our next allocation is sent to us.

No matter what the availability of a product that you need is, we will always try our best to get you what you need and when you need it.