Pilot Sunglasses - polarised with Deluxe Case

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You don't have to be Tom Cruise in Top Gun to have great pilot sunglasses, these pilot sunglasses with polarised lenses are great not just for flying but around town and everywhere else. They also come with a specially sourced by us a deluxe case that is resistant to crushing.

The polarized lenses with added compounds to strengthen lenses, make the lens more wear-resisting, increased flexibility, impact resistant and much stronger. They provide a clearer line of sight with great anti glare, so please don't compare our price for these incredible sunglasses with other sunglasses with a similar price as they most likely have poor lens material, don't really protect the eyes and may even do more harm than good. We have been very lucky in scoring these sunglasses direct from the manufacturer reducing the overhead costs of distributors, importers etc to save you money and to allow us to offer these great sunglasses at such a ridiculous low price.

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