Product Returns

To guarantee customer satisfaction, we allow you to return any purchase that you have made from Clear Prop (, subject to some conditions as listed below, if for some reason the purchased product did not meet your expectation.

If a product is faulty within its warranty period that the manufacturer has provided then naturally we honour all manufacturer's warranty conditions.

You can create a return request right from your customer account.


  • The product must have been purchased from Clear Prop ( within the last 14 days
  • The product must be in a condition where it can be other words, would you be happy if you received the product in that condition?
  • The product can not have been used in any way
  • The product was not ordered in for you...i.e. it's not a normally stocked in-house product of ours
  • A faulty product covered under the manufacturer's warranty will be replaced if the product is found to be faulty
  • Subject to these conditions, a refund for the purchase price will be given less any costs