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About Me

Found 21 results

  1. I made these in Photoshop, from base images taken at airshows to the versions you see below. I put a full gallery up at https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/
  2. Every year I wish all recreational aviators a very merry Christmas and a fantastic New Year and add a video that I ask everyone here to watch...PLEASE PLEASE don't drink and drive this Christmas, be around for you to enjoy your Christmas with your loved ones and NOT a road statistic. Turn the volume up LOAD
  3. Sopwith Camel - Full Scale Replica For sale ON ebay 19/1/20 For sale is my Airdrome Airplanes full scale Sopwith Camel Replica. . The aircraft is currently being test flown (I flew it last week) and as a result is restricted to how far it can fly from the strip, it will therefore be the buyers responsibility to organise transport and disassembly to have it relocated. I have decided to list the plane for sale due to work commitments as I will no longer have the time nor commitment to complete the remainder of the test flying phase or sort out any associated issues as they arise. I am ho
  4. Important Notice - This site and COVID 19 It may sound silly but this great site, and the ClearProp Pilot Supplies shop, has what you could say been infected by the Coronavirus and thus many drastic steps must be taken. The easy thing is to just close the site, but I would like to take this opportunity to get your all-important feedback on the issues that this site is now and about to experience. COVID 19 is effecting the site's existence in a form of accumulated risk i.e. the Swiss Cheese risk model The important thing to remember is that we will most likely feel the effects of COVID 19 f
  5. I have just tried to complete the RAA online survey most appropriately named as managed by "Survey Monkey". This is typical of a managed survey that is designed to provide a known out come, the following question must be answered or the survey can not be completed. Quote: 18. Sport Pilot is currently delivered to 1500 paying subscribers. The production and distribution of the magazine is subsidised by the membership at large. This is not sustainable. I believe: RAAus should increase the cost of the magazine so subscribers pay the true cost. R
  6. Calling Dreyfus. I've sent you a couple of messages re your free ASI but have not received a reply yet. If the offer is still valid, please get in touch via private message.
  7. How lucky is this ferry pilot. Departing YLTV for NZ on a ferry flight and had an engine failure just after departing LTV. Survived the forced landing which probably may not have if he was over water in the Tasman. https://news.cfa.vic.gov.au/-/plane-crash-lands-in-traralgon-paddock
  8. Pilots operating in the vicinity of Bairnsdale Airport should be aware of the NOTAM issued today due to the heavy military involvement and changes to CTAF procedures ..... Bob
  9. keep the posts relevant ti this site. Political opinion posts, unless authorised by admin will be removed. Please dont troll this site with political spam.......mod
  10. An incident with a Rotax 912 ULS Bing carburetor On turning on the fuel in my plane, even without the electric fuel pump on, fuel was pouring from the bottom of the motor enclosure, it was found that the co-pilots carburetor was literally pouring out of the bottom of the fuel bowl though a hole about 1mm in diameter. On the removal of the bowl, it was found that the outer float was laying over in the bowl along with its holding pin. On further testing, it was found that the fuel pump could keep the bowl full of fuel and the float working even though the fuel was
  11. Sharing this information following Hunter Recreational Flying Club - Cessnock's general meeting today where revelations of a brazen theft of a propeller from a hangared Jabiru were discussed. The thief knew how to access the locked hangar. Details of the propeller are as follows: Propeller Serial #171 Blades are #638 & 640 Hubs are #460 front and rear Spinner Assy #265 The more we can spread this information the better the likelihood of an apprehension. Contact Cessnock police if you do have any information.
  12. I have several Headset Stands in the Clear Prop shop that need to be cleared out. These usually retail at other stores for up to $50, Clear Prop's current price is $19.95 but for 1st Class Members you can have them at only $9.95 each up to the end of the month. To get one at this special price, add one to the shopping cart on Clear Prop then enter hstand into the coupon code box and watch the price drop down to only $9.95 for you.
  13. In an attempt to help everyone in our recreational aviation industry in Australia and NZ during the current COVID 19 times, commercial posts promoting your products and/or services are completely allowed and welcomed until further notice. If you are a supplier to the Australian and/or New Zealand recreational aviation industry feel free to start a thread promoting your business. I hope all site users will not only support you if they can but also that they will let any suppliers know.
  14. I was recently refused permission to use a Shire Council controlled airfield because they required $20m PL Insurance and the RAAus member insurance only provides cover to $10m. I am aware that members can individually purchase the extra $10m but it is prohibitively expensive. Yesterday morning I sent an enquiry to RAAus about this, asking whether RAAus has plans to increase our $10m to $20m. At 4.30pm I received a phone call from Geoff Tonkin of PSB Brokers, they are the brokers who provide RAAus with the PL insurance that comes with our membership. He said RAAus had asked him to call m
  15. In case you miss it:
  16. Hi, the site is desperately looking for an aviation learned person to act as or Quiz Master. All you need to do is come up with quizzes of about 10 or so questions each and send them to me. They need to be multiple choice questions with at least one correct answer and an approx time it should take a person to complete. For example: Questions and Answers 1. Select from the following choices the answer that is NOT one of the four forces acting on an aircraft in flight. A. Thrust B. Speed C. Drag D.Lift [*]2. If you are flying into a dire
  17. Hi all, please note that whilst healthy and friendly debate on any issue that may be raised is encouraged I (and moderators) will need to take a closer look at posts where a user is attacking another user for having a different opinion and start issuing warnings for a while until we can get on top of this...thank you for your understanding and please continue to enjoy the site
  18. All things must come to an end and Ron Biondi has finally put his beloved Drifter, 'The Red Barron' up for sale! Ron will be 90 years old very shortly! the Drifter is registered and Ron is still legal to fly but he`s finding it just too hard to get in and out of and on top of that, I keep telling him " it`s better to retire from flying than to become a statistic". Ron was the first guy in the Cairns area to buy a Drifter from Austflight Aviation! it originally came out with twin seats and controls, but at the time it couldn`t be registered as such so to be legal it had to be registered und
  19. Sport and recreational rules milestone - Part 149 commences The regulation of sport and recreational aviation passed an important milestone on 14 July – with the commencement of the first aviation regulation specifically designed for the sector. Part 149 of the Civil Aviation Safety Regulations 1998 (CASR) introduces a broad and flexible regulatory framework for sport and recreational organisations who administer certain aviation activities. Sport and recreational aviation self-administration has existed in Australia operating under a range of regulatory exemptions, going back, in s
  20. https://www.illawarramercury.com.au/story/6545947/pilot-dead-in-plane-crash-after-leaving-from-shellharbour-airport/
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