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Found 21 results

  1. I have just tried to complete the RAA online survey most appropriately named as managed by "Survey Monkey". This is typical of a managed survey that is designed to provide a known out come, the following question must be answered or the survey can not be completed. Quote: 18. Sport Pilot is currently delivered to 1500 paying subscribers. The production and distribution of the magazine is subsidised by the membership at large. This is not sustainable. I believe: RAAus should increase the cost of the magazine so subscribers pay the true cost. RAAus should invest in other delivery channels to ensure all members benefit from the content End of Quote: I DO NOT believe either of these is in my interests yet the only way to complete the survey is to agree with either one of these items & as a final insult, prefix that with an "I Believe" I will let RAA know that I think they are conducting a very shonky survey. I hope other members will do the same
  2. Calling Dreyfus. I've sent you a couple of messages re your free ASI but have not received a reply yet. If the offer is still valid, please get in touch via private message.
  3. How lucky is this ferry pilot. Departing YLTV for NZ on a ferry flight and had an engine failure just after departing LTV. Survived the forced landing which probably may not have if he was over water in the Tasman. https://news.cfa.vic.gov.au/-/plane-crash-lands-in-traralgon-paddock
  4. Sopwith Camel - Full Scale Replica For sale ON ebay 19/1/20 For sale is my Airdrome Airplanes full scale Sopwith Camel Replica. . The aircraft is currently being test flown (I flew it last week) and as a result is restricted to how far it can fly from the strip, it will therefore be the buyers responsibility to organise transport and disassembly to have it relocated. I have decided to list the plane for sale due to work commitments as I will no longer have the time nor commitment to complete the remainder of the test flying phase or sort out any associated issues as they arise. I am hoping that the aircraft will be purchased by someone or a small group of enthusiast that can put in the time that I don't have. Aircraft Information: Robert Baslee designed Airdrome Airplanes full scale Sopwith Camel Replica Engine: 150hp, 9 cylinder Rotec R3600 radial engine Propellor: 90"culver wooden . Currently registered under RAAus 19-2137 Paint Scheme is based on the WW1 Canadian Ace Donald MacLaren's sopwith camel Wishing you luck. spacesailor
  5. Every year I wish all recreational aviators a very merry Christmas and a fantastic New Year and add a video that I ask everyone here to watch...PLEASE PLEASE don't drink and drive this Christmas, be around for you to enjoy your Christmas with your loved ones and NOT a road statistic. Turn the volume up LOAD
  6. Important Notice - This site and COVID 19 It may sound silly but this great site, and the ClearProp Pilot Supplies shop, has what you could say been infected by the Coronavirus and thus many drastic steps must be taken. The easy thing is to just close the site, but I would like to take this opportunity to get your all-important feedback on the issues that this site is now and about to experience. COVID 19 is effecting the site's existence in a form of accumulated risk i.e. the Swiss Cheese risk model The important thing to remember is that we will most likely feel the effects of COVID 19 for the next 1.5 years What we know today and assume of tomorrow The Australian Government has closed its doors and many people will be working from home. Internet services have been strengthened by the major carriers which is a good thing for the site. The Australian dollar has been falling faster than an engine failure on take-off with it today now close to 56c. All reports are saying that the dollar will go below the 50c mark. Unemployment is increasing and that we need to be prepared for a worldwide recession which could last till the end of next year...that's for over 1.5 years from today. Aviation We all know through the media that commercial aviation is severely impacted by the virus but what is not being said in the media is that recreational aviation is hit just as bad. That's probably because it is, after all, a recreational activity and not newsworthy but what about the people in it, the industry. Stimulus packages are released for people to spend more but the retirees, the bulk of those that make up our industry and fuels the existence of our industry which also includes commercial concerns, what about them? Interest rates are also dropping faster than an EFTO so how can retirees afford to continue to fly? How can they afford to even buy Pilot Supplies when they don't have any surplus money and because of the dollar prices are going through the roof? Those commercial concerns such as Pilot Supplies stores will struggle, flying schools will struggle and pilots will be forced to sell their aircraft because of hangarage, maintenance and parts costs and these aircraft will be sold for a lot less than their real worth. The end results I know all of the above spells doom and gloom and even my daughter came to me yesterday and simply said "The sky is falling Dad" (Chicken Little) which in knowing my daughter I can say that even at 22 years of age, she is extremely concerned. BUT, we will all come through this...WE WILL, there is no question about it. Things will be different, but we will come out the other end. What we do today will determine how we will come out the other end. Recreational Flying (.com) is now infected by COVID 19 Recreational Flying (.com) and ClearProp (.com.au) can no longer continue as it is due to the effects of COVID 19 so one would say that the site is now infected and requires immediate intervention. As you continue to read I would like you to always consider that one option is to close down because even though I could do everything I could to save it, it may still result in its closure at an even greater cost trying to save it. For around 18 years I have put my heart and soul into this site, everything that I have, everything that I am and yes I have made some absolutely bad decisions over those years, decisions that I so deeply regret and cannot apologise enough for but also I have made some good decisions that has helped many recreational aviators to learn more in flying safer, better and more proper maintenance of their aircraft and greatly improved the flying skills of so many. I take solace in knowing that there are many mum and dad recreational aviators out there that are alive today because of something they have gained from interactions with other recreational aviators right here on Recreational Flying. In fact there are probably many that don't even know that this great resource has helped keep them safe over its 18 years because they have learnt something which has changed something, even a very small thing that they unknowingly changed, that could have resulted in a completely different outcome for them years later. However, I am 60 years old now and have been unemployed for almost a year now. In my line of work (Project, Program and PMO Management), the opportunities are now far and few even though I have 40 years of experience. In fact I have seen young people with far less experience cost organisations millions of dollars in mistakes that an experienced person, who probably made the same mistakes many years ago, would know not to do because of that experience, you can't buy experience but it can save you everything...but I digress. To put it simply, I no longer have the money to keep the site going through these turbulent COVID 19 times. In fact, I only have enough spare cash for 2 more house payments and with the unemployment rate expected to rise to at least 10% the chances of that changing are minimal. The site is hosted on a dedicated server in Los Angeles. The cost for just the server is $150USD. A payment is due today and at around only 56c exchange rate that has now leaped to $270AUD. This will most probably increase further and future costs will pass $300AUD a month and beyond. The server is extremely optimised for performance in its specs and configuration to not only Australian users but for the whole world. An option is to bring the hosting back to Australia. A server of the same specs would cost around $350AUD a month so the server would have to be of much lower specs at a cost of about $225 a month but with less performance. This will also need a one-off cost of around $200AUD for its configuration OR $400AUD to configure the server to get its best performance. The result is an initial one-off high cost, a lower performing server, targeting mostly to just Australian users but still a high cost through these times. Small development and enhancements to the site I do however any extra development can only be done by overseas resources. This means that the site cannot be developed further as for not only the initial cost, but the exchange rate would make it completely cost prohibitive. So, the site could only be maintained as it is now and nothing new or provide more to try and entice an increase in its userbase to help others. The site will continue to decline due to the virus and the site's capability to provide a great environment to help all recreational aviators. The impact of the virus will see less newcomers to the industry plus many existing recreational aviators leaving the industry. ClearProp will decline rapidly as the cost of aviation products will sharply increase. The increase of prices with less potential customers will also severely impact the small contribution Clear Prop makes to assist in the costs of providing Recreational Flying (.com). The management of prices due to the exchange rate variations will make it extremely hard to manage accurate price listings as ClearProp prides itself of providing products to recreational aviators with such small margins. A product with say a $5 margin would become a loss in just over night. So ClearProp is not viable in its current form. Donations from First Class Members have also helped towards site costs however not only will that number of donations decrease but the real value of the donation decreases as well especially to any overseas costs like hosting, software licensing fees, maintenance fees etc due to exchange rates. So... There is a lot more to consider than what I have listed here but I liken it to a person getting infected by COVID 19, the medical help that is needed to try and overcome the impacts of the virus on that person and the chance that the intervention that is undertaken may still result in a deadly outcome. The impacts on the site are very infectious as a negative impact on just one component of the site can rapidly spread throughout the site resulting in many negatively infected areas. Do we close the site and go to Facebook...it's free but extremely limited? Do we go on a drive for funds...financial donations will only provide a short term solution but will not be sustainable for the long term and most importantly, when I started the site all those years ago I said it will not cost anyone anything, what kind of person would you be if you charged a friend to help them, we are all friends in our common interest of recreational flying? Do we close the site and come back another day...maybe? Do we try and sell the site...wouldn't get much, if anything and kind of site would it end up and what could happen to the overall reason why I started the site, this great resource all those years ago? What could we do with ClearProp...make it email only on current price, list prices as "cost" + $5 as an example i.e. the cost (obtained by email) plus a stated margin value...just a thought? Do we think outside the box...are there any weird or completely out of this world ideas that just may be an answer worth trying? Please...come on...your thoughts and ideas, however strange they may be, on how this great resource can beat its COVID 19 infection...TODAY (please this is so important that we MUST stay on topic)
  7. keep the posts relevant ti this site. Political opinion posts, unless authorised by admin will be removed. Please dont troll this site with political spam.......mod
  8. I have several Headset Stands in the Clear Prop shop that need to be cleared out. These usually retail at other stores for up to $50, Clear Prop's current price is $19.95 but for 1st Class Members you can have them at only $9.95 each up to the end of the month. To get one at this special price, add one to the shopping cart on Clear Prop then enter hstand into the coupon code box and watch the price drop down to only $9.95 for you.
  9. Sharing this information following Hunter Recreational Flying Club - Cessnock's general meeting today where revelations of a brazen theft of a propeller from a hangared Jabiru were discussed. The thief knew how to access the locked hangar. Details of the propeller are as follows: Propeller Serial #171 Blades are #638 & 640 Hubs are #460 front and rear Spinner Assy #265 The more we can spread this information the better the likelihood of an apprehension. Contact Cessnock police if you do have any information.
  10. An incident with a Rotax 912 ULS Bing carburetor On turning on the fuel in my plane, even without the electric fuel pump on, fuel was pouring from the bottom of the motor enclosure, it was found that the co-pilots carburetor was literally pouring out of the bottom of the fuel bowl though a hole about 1mm in diameter. On the removal of the bowl, it was found that the outer float was laying over in the bowl along with its holding pin. On further testing, it was found that the fuel pump could keep the bowl full of fuel and the float working even though the fuel was pouring out of the hole in the bottom of the carburettor. The problem was fixed, but, is this a design fault? If the hole didn’t go right through the carburetor bowl and the same thing happened, then the fuel then would not have been able to escape and become a fire hazard. We were lucky it was found before flight. I have a feeling that this has been happening for a while as sometimes when I did the pre-takeoff checks, I would wipe my finger under the co-pilots side carburettor and there was an orangey fuel stain, consequently, I have taken the bowl off to have a look at the bowl seal but only to find nothing obvious. The pin must have been loose but not loose enough to fall out of it’s mounting hole.
  11. Pilots operating in the vicinity of Bairnsdale Airport should be aware of the NOTAM issued today due to the heavy military involvement and changes to CTAF procedures ..... Bob
  12. In case you miss it:
  13. I was recently refused permission to use a Shire Council controlled airfield because they required $20m PL Insurance and the RAAus member insurance only provides cover to $10m. I am aware that members can individually purchase the extra $10m but it is prohibitively expensive. Yesterday morning I sent an enquiry to RAAus about this, asking whether RAAus has plans to increase our $10m to $20m. At 4.30pm I received a phone call from Geoff Tonkin of PSB Brokers, they are the brokers who provide RAAus with the PL insurance that comes with our membership. He said RAAus had asked him to call me to discuss and explain the current situation. Geoff agreed that the extra $10m is very expensive if bought individually. In fact he had just issued one and it cost $462 - that's about double the entire price of our annual membership! He said he has been receiving an increasing number of enquiries about this because most Councils and other controlling Authorities now require at least $20m - and some want $30m. He said the RAAus Policy comes up for Review and renewal in September/October and he plans to suggest that RAAus increase the amount to $20m, he said it would probably only increase the rate per member by about $20 per annum. However, he said RAAus Board are understandably resistant to cost increases which affect membership costs, so he suggests concerned parties get in touch with the CEO/Board and make their feelings known. Otherwise, based on my own recent experience, we may well find ourselves excluded from many of the airfields we currently use, or having to pay a huge premium to buy top-up insurance individually. Discussions between Geoff and the Board will commence around July. That's only a month away, so it might be a good thing to send RAAus an email asap if you want us to stay up with the current requirements.
  14. In an attempt to help everyone in our recreational aviation industry in Australia and NZ during the current COVID 19 times, commercial posts promoting your products and/or services are completely allowed and welcomed until further notice. If you are a supplier to the Australian and/or New Zealand recreational aviation industry feel free to start a thread promoting your business. I hope all site users will not only support you if they can but also that they will let any suppliers know.
  15. Hi, the site is desperately looking for an aviation learned person to act as or Quiz Master. All you need to do is come up with quizzes of about 10 or so questions each and send them to me. They need to be multiple choice questions with at least one correct answer and an approx time it should take a person to complete. For example: Questions and Answers 1. Select from the following choices the answer that is NOT one of the four forces acting on an aircraft in flight. A. Thrust B. Speed C. Drag D.Lift [*]2. If you are flying into a direct headwind of 28 knots, at a true airspeed of 156 knots, what is your ground speed? A. 156 knots, as your groundspeed is not affected by wind B. 184 knots, as wind and true airspeed is additive C. 128 knots, because TAS minus headwind component = GS D. Cannot determine from the data given [*]3. You're taking off in a tailwheel aircraft with a non-Polish engine. As you begin your takeoff roll, you use no rudder displacement. On which side of the runway will you most likely depart the prepared surface prior to getting airborne? A. Left B. Right C. Neither, as the aircraft will track straight with use of ailerons only D. Unable to determine the answer without knowing the wind direction [*]4. As a general rule, as ambient temperature increases, aircraft performance increases. A. True B. False [*]5. Hydroplaning is when the aircraft tires lose traction with the runway surface due to rain or standing water during takeoff or landing. Which of the following formulae can be used to determine the speed at which hydroplaning will occur? A. .6 times the stall speed with takeoff flaps B. 9 times the square root of the tire pressure C. Aircraft weight divided by the square root of the tire footprint in sqare inches D. Cannot be determined, as hydroplaning speed varies with the tread pattern just like in your car [*]6. There are OLD pilots and there are BOLD pilots, but there are few OLD, BOLD pilots! A. True B. False [*]7. Name the two factors which affect Density Altitude. A. Pressure altitude and gross weight B. Gross weight and temperature C. Engine power and flap setting D. Temperature and pressure altitude [*]8. Your friend flies his single engine plane into Beloit Airport for the Spring Fling Pancake Breakfast and Auto Show. After he shuts down in the parking area, he tosses you a rag and asks your help in cleaning bugs off the plane. The leading edges of the wings are covered with bug splats, but there are no bugs at all on the front of the propeller. Why not? A. Bugs can "see" the propeller and will avoid it at any cost. B. The propeller "blows" them out of the way so they impact the wings instead C. Tractor propellers are pitched such that the first surface that contacts the air (and bugs) as the plane moves forward is the back side of the propeller blades D. The propeller power pulses project a vibration ahead of the plane that bugs don't like and naturally avoid E. None of the above [*]9. What is the minimum number of hours prior to flying that a pilot may consume alcohol? A. Half an hour B. 4 hours for beer or wine; 8 hours for hard liquor C. 8 hours from "bottle to throttle" D. 24 hours [*]10. Pilots who fly tricycle gear airplanes are sissies. A. True B. False PLEASE, if you feel you would like to contribute to the learning of pilots and just create some fun quizzes by being the Quiz Master then URGENTLY let me know...thanks for any help you can give
  16. Sport and recreational rules milestone - Part 149 commences The regulation of sport and recreational aviation passed an important milestone on 14 July – with the commencement of the first aviation regulation specifically designed for the sector. Part 149 of the Civil Aviation Safety Regulations 1998 (CASR) introduces a broad and flexible regulatory framework for sport and recreational organisations who administer certain aviation activities. Sport and recreational aviation self-administration has existed in Australia operating under a range of regulatory exemptions, going back, in some cases for more than 60 years. For the first time, the regulations now recognise those organisations who administer sport and recreational aviation and approved organisations will be issued with a Part 149 Approved Self-Administering Organisation (ASAO) Certificate from CASA. CASA will begin assessing transition applications for Part 149 Certificates in the coming weeks, with two organisations advising they are nearing completion of their exposition. For further information: Manual of Standards (MOS) for CASR Part 149 Approved Self-Administering The Part 149 application form for transitioning ASAOs The Part 149 application form for new ASAOs The compliance matrix CASR Part 149 page on CASA’s website. Any questions: [email protected]
  17. All things must come to an end and Ron Biondi has finally put his beloved Drifter, 'The Red Barron' up for sale! Ron will be 90 years old very shortly! the Drifter is registered and Ron is still legal to fly but he`s finding it just too hard to get in and out of and on top of that, I keep telling him " it`s better to retire from flying than to become a statistic". Ron was the first guy in the Cairns area to buy a Drifter from Austflight Aviation! it originally came out with twin seats and controls, but at the time it couldn`t be registered as such so to be legal it had to be registered under ANO 95-10, which meant the rear seat and controls had to come out. I got to fly that Drifter before Ron ( flown it several times over the years) as Ron hadn`t learned to fly yet, like me, he`d done a few hours in a Cessna and decided it wasn`t the way he wanted to fly! Franco, Ps, If interested, let me know and I`ll put you in touch with Ron or his daughter, Andrea Gregory.... For those on facebook, you`ll find details on Andrea Gregory`s post, dated, 8 November... https://www.facebook.com/groups/1419567688295037/
  18. I made these in Photoshop, from base images taken at airshows to the versions you see below. I put a full gallery up at https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/
  19. Hi all, please note that whilst healthy and friendly debate on any issue that may be raised is encouraged I (and moderators) will need to take a closer look at posts where a user is attacking another user for having a different opinion and start issuing warnings for a while until we can get on top of this...thank you for your understanding and please continue to enjoy the site
  20. https://www.illawarramercury.com.au/story/6545947/pilot-dead-in-plane-crash-after-leaving-from-shellharbour-airport/
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