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Found 237 results

  1. 21/3/18 we departed Albury at 900 for Corryong , over the hills were a little turbulent but still a nice run into Corryong, on the ground there waited a RV from Mount Beauty , Rans and a Jabiru from Holbrook and of course my Brumby 610. We walked into Corryong for a relaxing coffee . After a short break and walk around town , we headed for the air port , with its new facilities and resurfacing , it looked a picture nestled in the lovely valley. We departed Corryong for Khancoban,this is short 25 mile flight . Khancoban is a snowy hydro town on the gate way to one of Australia’s finest national parks, With it’s water storage’s and lovely valleys Khancoban offers many things for many people fishing, hiking, biking ,4x4 tracks and camping or just relaxing . Our group walk to town for a pub meal and a relax . Before we realised, it was time to head to the planes for the next leg which was to be Tumut, but after some discussion it was decided to fore go this leg for another day. We departed Khancoban for our home bases just as the wind picked up , great timing for a rough trip home. Another great outing , allbeit short in distance, it was interesting . Lovely mountains and valleys , fantastic aviation conversation and yes, we do live in a great area.
  2. You will notice in the menu the Resources item has now been replaced with "Classifieds". This is the new Classifieds System that is an adaptation of the old resources section. The old resources items are included in the Classifieds in a Free Resources category. The Schools and Clubs have been removed as it is hoped that soon Schools and Clubs along with Aircraft Distributors/Agents will have their OWN section that will enable them to have their OWN forum, photo gallery, calendar plus their ability to manage user permissions (i.e. access, posting etc) for their group. Now the new Classifieds System has functionality within it which I need your advice on...the ability for the site to charge a % on sale amount, a type of small financial contribution to the site when an item is sold. When placing a classified the user can add their own PayPal address (not displayed or accessed in any way) so a buyer can purchase an item and pay directly to the sellers PayPal account from within the classified advert. A percentage is then paid to the site. The percentages I thought are: Aircraft - FREE, no cost or % to place an advert in the Classifieds Engines - a 2.5% pay on sale Propellers - a 2.5% pay on sale Coms and Instruments - a 2.5% pay on sale Aircraft Components - a 5% pay on sale Pilot Supplies - a 5% pay on sale Training Resources - a 5% pay on sale Aviation Services - a 5% pay on sale Other Aviation Items - a 5% pay on sale Non Aviation Items - a 5% pay on sale I realise that asking for any payment may prevent the Classifieds System from being used by users so the amounts, if any, need to be seen as purely a "thanks for letting us sell our item, here is a donation" type of thinking. What do you think? Oh, and the thing is the Classifieds System can be used by Commercial users as well. I am very unsure on how best to get a vast range of adverts, make a small contributory amount, provide a service to users by having commercial adverts and keep everyone happy...What are your thoughts? PS, the old free resources are not working properly due to a formatting issue but I am working on fixing that now.
  3. It will be interesting to see what they actually find, when they find it - because this mob are dead certain they will find the wreckage this time. IMO, finding the wreckage may still not produce enough of value to determine precisely what happened. The impact with the ocean in a high-speed out-of control dive, must have resulted in almost-total destruction of the majority of the front of the fuselage. MH370 searchers arrive at ‘likely resting spot’
  4. Hi All As you can probably see the site has commenced its upgrade program. The are still many more components that will be upgraded/fixed which I will complete over the coming weeks however I wanted to not do too much to ensure that any issues you experience can be fixed without to much other stuff getting in the way...so basically the site is pretty much basic with some of the new initiatives installed. Please I am very interested in your comments, good OR bad so I can keep tailoring the overall site to meet your needs.
  5. Second week in March every year, a bunch of people from all over the world come together to balloon over the nation's capital ... Then scarf massive amounts of caffeine, greasy food, champagne and sugar. Yesterday suffered from low cloud and ground fog at the intended launch site. Today saw a mass launch. Last day is 19th March but the weather might have other ideas Canberra Balloon Spectacular Search Twitter - #canberraballoonspectacular Search Twitter - #balloonspectacular
  6. I left Albury at Approx 800 hrs 22/2/18 and flew to Holbrook where I meet up with Ian Deely. After a few moments of plane rearranging at his hangar. We were on our way to Tumut . The weather was slightly overcast and nil wind. Our arrival into picturesque Tumut was without a doubt fantastic. On the ground we with a CFI Peter and 3 Tumut aero club members who offered us a cup of coffee and some educational snippets of the clubs past, a big thank you goes out to the Tumut club members for their hospitality. Ian had a Work engagement so approximately 10-30 we left the lovely air port of Tumut and flew over a large water reservoir and over Batlow returning to Holbrook and Albury. This was a morning trip as we had limited time , but I can tell you, even with limited time , a beautiful morning floating around in the air is better than working or Maintenance at home. We hope to do a few extra one day trips shortly. Happy aviating
  7. I have just implemented one of the new enhancements to the site...Bookmarks. The Bookmarks System allows you to bookmark any post or thread etc and save for later reference. This new system I believe will be a great asset to registered site users so if you ever find something in a thread or elsewhere on the site that you may want to refer back to at a later date, this system makes it so easy for you. 1. In every post you will now see a Bookmark link that you can click to bookmark the post: 2. A popup opens for you to make any notes for yourself on the bookmark: 3. To access your Bookmarks, simply click your avatar in the main menu and select Bookmark List: 4. All your Bookmarks will be displayed for you to manage: Hope you enjoy using this new feature here at Recreational Flying
  8. Shan1990

    Value of Rotax 447

    Hi there guys, I have a Rotax 447 which was for one of my dad's ultralights from back in the day. He claims it has never been used. I've inspected it and it does appear to be new but it is missing the CDI unit and the muffler. The carburettor would require a rebuild as it has been in storage for 30+ years. The engine has an OEM Rotax gearbox also. If I were to run a compression test and the cylinders are good. What would this engine be worth as is? I presume this engine is discontinued as I can find is mainly rebuild kits and spare parts for them only. Any information would be greatly appreciated as I don't know much about aircraft. Thanks guys :)
  9. Hi. I’m Rose. I fly a skyfox gazelle.
  10. Why, you turn it into an arty-farty, Sculpture by the Sea, of course! How many pilots does it take to turn a plane into a Sculpture by the Sea? I gather the arty aim is represent the glider running out of steam - the corkscrew in the fuselage must represent the rubber band unwinding - and the winds bending upwards must represent the tiredness in old, worn-out wings. I guess its must beat corroding or disintegrating away on a big plinth outside the clubrooms. Maybe the sculpture will bring a bit of focus back onto recreational aviation.
  11. Hi all I’m new on the forum and curious if a Blackshape Prime has been sold to a private owner in Australia, yet? Is so may I have your impressions please, Cheers.
  12. Can anyone set me up with someone that can help with flying a Jabiru J230 from Townsville to Tasmania. Between 29-01-18 and 03-02-18.
  13. As many will know I have been working for the last few months on the new site update. This update has become a turning point for the site even raising the question of whether the site should even stay in a forum type format as it is or even completely change it's whole foundation of how it goes about helping every recreational aviator. The developer of the forum software has released a complete radical change to the entire fabric that makes up the forum. It has a complete new change of direction requiring a huge learning curve in its coding and its structure whilst leaving out many of its features and functionality. How Recreational Flying is built is by taking the forum software which includes core files and html templates, and I enhance the html templates and make minor changes to the php core files. I try not to change the core files as much as possible to make it easier for updating so I also develop pieces of my own code to override some components of the core php files. On top of that I acquire modules from other developers who create extra features as addons to the site like the Classifieds, the Resources, The Media Gallery etc. I take those modules and customise them to suit the overall site look and feel plus also enhance them as well like I do to the forum software. I then develop the necessary functionality that brings everything together into one overall solution. Doing all this provides you with one very easy to use, enjoyable and satisfying user experience that ensures you get the extreme most out of the site rather than a resource that just turns you off ever using it. Along with the new forum software requiring a massive new learning curve, many of those that have developed modules that I use today no longer produce them, especially not with the new forum structure. This means that to update the site many of the features will no longer be available like the Classifieds, the import to the new forum structure of the media gallery will lose all the existing media in it, the existing Post Ratings will have to be migrated to being just "Like" and other things. However the new forum software does have some extra great features with it as well. So you say "Well, just leave the site as it is!" but in the not too distant future the software will be at its "End of Life" which means no more updates, no security fixes etc forcing me to do something anyway. The point I am trying to make is it is going to be really really hard which ever way I will go and I am not sure whether this tired brain is going to be any use any more. I don't know which way to go for you all. Do we even consider a complete change of the site to a non-forum type resource like Facebook, or to a blog/news/article style site like using Wordpress, or what????????? The site's growth is stagnant and has been for some time now. It still gets around 500 different registered users logging in every single day and around 3,000 unique visitors reading the site every day. The number of new threads and posts have also remained stagnant but there are new users registering on the site every day. The site got really hostile so I took action to entice those hostile posters to go away...a bit of damned if you do and damned if you don't scenario but there is less hostility on the site these days but the quality of recreational aviation posts has declined, in my opinion. With RAAus the way it is these days I am also not sure whether I have the incentive any more, from the days that I so much loved anything and everything to do with recreational aviation...it was my passion but has the passion now gone because of RAAus? I have seen with the many people that I have respected in our industry to leave it as they too lost the passion, or it was driven out of them. So is Recreational Flying even worth it these days i.e. worth all the hard work, long hours, huge financial cost to support a destroyed industry with this site? I am so open to your comments on a way forward for the site as I just don't know what to do. It will still take many more months of work to update the site, I could just start the site again with just the forums and existing threads and posts and slowly add all the other functionality and features as I relearn them with the new code. Do I forget that and look for other means to help everyone to help everyone else in recreational aviation? Do I bow out, disappear and let the hostiles come back in to increase the flying posts and let them take over. Perhaps there is a solution you know of and I can't see because I am just too tired? Here are some early screen shots of the new forum software:
  14. fly_tornado

    new 582 head

    finally twin electrode spark plugs https://rotax-docs.secure.force.com/DocumentsSearch/sfc/servlet.shepherd/version/download/0681H000002YH7YQAW?asPdf=false
  15. cherokee28

    Just Landed !

    G’ day from Esperance , WA !
  16. Admin

    Site Upgrade

    Hi All, well the upgrade to the site is coming along slowly but still coming along. The Recreational Flying Clear Prop Shop has now been upgraded which will give you an idea on how the forums are planned to look like...a fresh new look and feel. The shop has always been a 2nd thought to the forum site but I will now bring its focus up a lot. As it has always been purely a means to help pay to keep the forum site up and running and FREE to everyone through you ordering your pilot and aircraft supplies through it, Corrine and I have not given the shop the focus, especially in communication, that we should have. That is now going to change. We WILL be communicating to you about your order status from the minute you place the order through processing and to its dispatch including tracking numbers. We hope that you will now see a difference in the service the Recreational Flying Clear Prop shop extends to you. The forum site pages and especially the Home Page will have this new clean look so your comments are greatly appreciated so I can ensure that I take your thoughts into consideration when doing the forum site. So, Stage 1 of the upgrade is almost completed and I hope you like the new look of the Recreational Flying Clear Prop shop...remember the prices are always heavily discounted, your purchases help to keep the forum site alive and free, and to access the shop simply click "Pilot Shop" in the side menu...thanks for your continued support.
  17. Johno

    Tyabb Toy Run

    Peninsula Aero Club in conjunction with AAAA will again host the annual Toy Run and Open Day at Tyabb Airport. You will be able to take a close-up look at some of the Warbird and Antique aircraft that will be at the next Tyabb Air Show "War & Peace" March 11, 2018. All are welcome and entry is by donation of an un-wrapped toy for less privileged children. There will be free BBQ sausage sizzle at 12 noon. Time (1030 to 1430), airport open from 0830 for flying visitors no landing fees.
  18. Hi to all the "Recreational Flying FORUM" users. I'm very fresh on registration and, as I'm an amateur as scenery developper and as next year will be the EXPO2015 in Milan, I would like to draw your attention on "VFR on Lario" project, a FREE work for FS9 just completed last year, after a work of two year. Even if Italy is on the opposite side of the globe, I'm confident somebody could be interested. You can find here a small video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DU0mlSMpqDI and a complete document presentation https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/38829151/FS9/VFR%20on%20Lario_17.pdf ... and for more interested ones, who want to take a "dynamic look", a link to an excel sheet that connects to all the video presentations done https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/38829151/FS9/VFRsulLario_video.xls have your nice flight on Como lake, Italy bye Aldo
  19. Lou R

    Toe Brakes

    Hi, I am wondering if any one can identify the toe brakes I have as I need to replace o rings/seals. I thought they may have been Matco MC-5, but seems their not. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
  20. Lou R

    Toe Brakes

    Hi, I am wondering if any one can identify the toe brakes I have as I need to replace o rings/seals. I thought they may have been Matco MC-5, but seems their not. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
  21. Elwarra


    Hi All, My name is Brad Bell, just joined. Please allow me to introduce myself. I work for Microair Avionics / Digecor PTY/LTD, In Bundaberg ( Next door to Jabiru ) and Brisbane. Looks like just the forum for me. I hope that I have knowledge to contribute, I worked in Small Engines and Electric Vehicle Technology ( Tritium PTY LTD ) previously . My work role is : International Logistics Officer Production Close Support Officer R&D close Support Officer I am the Manager also for our Warehouse under CASA Part 145 & PMA , EASA And FAA regulated PMA. Worked closely with MRO's and DOA's like Comtech Aviation in Sydney. My Project is to build a Hybrid powerplant for an ultralight I gained my pilot's licence in the AIRTC in the late 90's but have been grounded since due to , life I suppose. Hope to change that with a Mitchell Wing build.. If you know anyone that needs help with anything I know, drop me a line
  22. SC that is! Not far from KCHS and KJZI. Getting a Sport Pilot license and just purchased a Min Max 1600R to build time for Private. Any suggestion on either topic will be appreciated. Blue Skies to everyone and look forward to sharing information! Tim Nates Hollywood, SC
  23. Hi All I would like to take this opportunity to thank all site users of their continual support of Recreational Flying .com, you all have made this site an extremely valuable resource for everyone in the recreational aviation community. It is now time for me to focus on other things and thus take a step back from here. So with this in mind, and in keeping with the spirit of being a valuable community, I would like to form a Recreational Flying .com governing body. This body will form a type of member board who would like to help the whole recreational aviation community in the running of this site/resource. I think a group of 5 respected individuals/contributors will bring a new focus for the site and drive it to even greater heights than it already is. These 5 board members will control/enhance the site for the benefit of all and whose placement will be through a user voting system. Once the board is established they will look at ways to enhance the site, find ways to generate income to fuel the site's growth, explore extra functional services that the site can offer to all etc... I will maintain the site's development to the boards requested enhancements plus the administration of the server. Also I need to maintain an overall veto otherwise we could end up with a cohesion of ulterior motives in the site's existence...imagine getting a board with an agenda to just close the site or make it a personal advertising place for one specific aircraft. This is of course only if there is enough interested individuals out there who would be interested in being a contributing part in the direction and future success of Recreational Flying.com. If you are interested please put your hand up in this thread and after a couple of weeks, if there is enough hands, we can hold an election. Also part 2... I will be focusing on further developing the Whats Up Australia site. Any developments in that site can also be included here if the board wishes. I have started from scratch and you can see it being developed, add your suggestions, comments etc plus even test it out as each part is developed. It is still very buggy and there is a lot of work to do but through your help it will end up what YOU want. You can find this at www.jackaroo.com.au so jump over there and register and keep going back there adding your thoughts to the development so it ends up exactly the way you want it to be...it's all up to you and YOU have the say so please, please take an interest in it so we can all hit the nail on the head perfectly...thanks for your time.
  24. Hi I've been a member since 2008 and I'm sick of being remaindered to post in the Welcome Pilots Just Landed so here it is. A slow learner I guess. I hope it stops from here on in; fingers crossed.
  25. 1/6 scale MiG-15 flown at BMFA Buckminster. Powered by a JetCat P-100. So realistic. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jnI2AIByNAM