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About Me

  1. Going through a collection of Pinterest emails, I came across this link from 8 days ago. https://www.washingtonpost.com/nation/2019/03/14/trump-wanted-his-personal-pilot-head-faa-critical-job-is-still-vacant-amid-boeing-fallout/?noredirect=on&utm_term=.06e5302ed934
  2. Hi Guys, Just enquiring out there if there are syndicates in Melbourne with free space or anyone out there looking to start one? RAA or GA I've never been apart of one but i'm happy to see what is out there or speak to like minded people to possible get one going. Happy to PM\Message or even a phone call. Cheers, AZNA
  3. Hi. Can anyone tell me if there is an existing group for Fly Synthesis Texan owners please?
  4. What lubricant is recommended for the Jab piano hinges? Thanks, Bill
  5. Hi all, this is just an advisory that it is planned for the site to close for a major software upgrade starting at around 4am on Tuesday morning 22nd September 2020. The closure will probably last till about late morning...I apologise for any inconvenience
  6. After 150 hours on my Sierra the nose wheel decided to split at the hub. Luckily the fork kept it contained and no damage. I decided to put a Matco 4 inch nose wheel on and all that was needed was a new axle as the bearings are .675 in rather than 15 mm. All went well until the test fight where nose wheel shimmy occurred. So violent it tore 2 in slots in the spat attachment holes. Took the spat off and decided to overhaul the leg. Mine has the small diameter leg where any wear will show up as sideways movement. I redrilled the attachment holes and reamed them to new bolts. No movement. Next ti
  7. Local Fly-in in Western Australia. Located just out from York near Perth. Drive in or fly in for the day or two! More info...... Westfly Westfly+2020+Flyer.pdf
  8. It started early on a frosty Thursday morning, I loaded the Brumby for a flight to QLD. The light fog was rolling in from the north east but the the north west was clear. I departed Albury into clear crisp air for Coonamble, my first stop. I met up with my flying companion ,(flying a Glasair) and I topped up the fuel. After a brief stop we both departed for Moree, it was a short and uneventful trip but for a stiff head wind. After securing the planes, we walked to the caravan park resort and they were busy with caravan travellers, unfortunately our accomodation was closer to town, so we h
  9. With the relaxation of stay at home rules, I decided to take the Brumby to some warmer weather in Port Macquarie. The trip was Moorabbin to Cowra, then Port Macquarie where three nights turned into seven due to weather, then Narromine (including a visit to the aviation museum), back to Cowra, then Benalla (another aviation museum) and home via the Kilmore gap 13 days after the start. Wright Flyer replica at Narromine
  10. As many may know I get coding and Admin support from @Ahmed Zayed who lives in Egypt, well he has just become a father for a 2nd time so a HUGE congratulations from everyone here at Recreational Flying
  11. On the second day iof our Fly-in today, the most interesting Beastie was a ProTech Merlin. An ALL Metal single seat deregulated aeroplane which was absolutely Gorgeous. . I have pictures, but this stupid Bloody Windows Ten upgrade I've got refuses to read any of my UsB sticks. . .I am on the verge of dumping it and swapping to Debian / Linux. The aircraft is, regrettably, single seat, and weighs in at 300Kgs. . . I hop that the company produce a 2 seat version which would fit nicely into the UK 600 Kg slot, or probably somewhat less. , It looked remarkably like a Jabiru as it entered the
  12. As some will know, the Off Topic site Social Australia (.com.au) uses the IPS software solution which recently released an exciting new update (still in BETA stage) which I am working on and when fully released Social Australia will be updated to it, it really is that good with the extra features they have added. So Social Australia is staying with IPS Xenforo on the other hand, which this site (Recreational Flying) is based on, released an update today, again in BETA, but having a look at it I can clearly say that I don't like it, not one bit, and I don't believe you will either so I thoug
  13. I am interested in an aircraft fitted with an "Airmaster" CS electrically motivated/ controlled, 3 blade "Warpdrive", propeller. Having only GA experience of hydraulic CS props, I am unfamiliar with any problems/issues relating to electric CS props fitted to RAA level aircraft, so do not know what I should be looking for/questions to ask. So if it pleases the "Brains Trust", I would very much like to receive input/comments, regarding electrically controlled CS props in general and" Airmaster/Warpdrive" in particular, from my more experienced Forum friends.
  14. Testing the insta 360 one x in a mates Searay . I love this camera and the plane
  15. Hi, please note that the Off Topic forums have been closed for around 24hrs whilst some work is done on them...sorry for any inconvenience
  16. Queens birthday weekend started poorly , fogged in until midday at Albury meaning Mid afternoon arrival at Leeton , After a warm welcoming from other attendees and an invitation to a cooked lunch I was ready to move in . Lined up were both RAA and VH powered planes and a couple spectacular gliders and in the back ground a large fire was burning quietly.. I was the only brave sole to set up my sleeping accommodation outside under the wing of the Brumby, the others stayed inside the club house , in caravans or ventured into town via a courtesy vehicle. The last part of Saturday was filled w
  17. This one is great. It goes into a lot of detail explaining the differences between the Rotax and Continentals we are all used to. A lot to learn and see.
  18. G’day, I would like to know if there are any Savannah S taildraggers operating in your part of the world? safe flying, Tony
  19. I found this on the ground under my plane while working on the engine (2200 Jab). Does anyone know what it is or where it might have come from. Its a worry!!!
  20. Hi. If your interested in Aviation museums there's a couple of incredibly detailed and free 360 degree virtual tours of the Darwin Aviation Museum, NT and also the Perth Aviation Museum, WA in Australia. Take a good look around a B52, Lancaster, Catalina, Dakota C47, Avro Anson, B-25 Mitchell Bomber , Wessex helicopter, COBRA AH-IG and many other aircraft and displays. There's also the B-24 J Liberator 'Milady' Wreck Site in Cox Peninsula, NT that you can explore without the humidity. Very little chance of international visitors stopping by these locations in person this year and perh
  21. JG3

    STOL comp winner!

    I hear that the winner of the recent STOL competition at Lismore was a Savannah! Against all those tail draggers with huge special wheels. Irony is that the prize was a fancy tailwheel, after he'd just demonstrated that he didn't need one!
  22. This is the 8th annual Wings and Wheels Open Day hosted by Grafton Aero Club. It is free for everyone, exhibitors and visitors alike. In 2019 we had around 35 aircraft, hundreds of motor vehicles from vintage, classic, sports, race, touring and custom/rod cars, motorcycles, stationary engines, model aircraft etc and 2-3000 visitors. Food and drink will be available on site with morning tea consisting of home made cakes savouries etc in the clubhouse and BBQs outside with coffee, cold drinks and icecreams as well. The atmosphere is casual with people able to wander about and get up close to exh
  23. Not to promote Sportys Pilot Shop but these guys seem to have the best deal on flight simulator bundles. I noted in a different thread that I was interested in flight simulator parts and in particular pedals. While I was daydreaming about getting some replacement simulator controls I had a look at what Sportys could do for a bundle. After postage and exchange rates the bundle (Sportys reference number B1144A) was $445 USD or about $520 AU. I was particularly interested in this bundle but there are other bundles with more features for about $100 more. Because postage is about the same an
  24. Looks like I have found what I need to do a site survey on my proposed private airstrip. https://www.ambientweather.com/rawindlog.html#caption
  25. Hi have just purchased a 2005 VG completed but never flown, have just noticed that it does not have the jury struts on the front wing support, was this a mod or have they just left it off. Is it worth while doing the 544kg to 560kg MTOW mod. PS I am new to any forum so don't know how they work sorry if I have done this wrong. Jon
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