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Found 14 results

  1. I’ve read the Rotax manual and know the max temps and so on but I’m chasing actual in field CHT temps. At what point would you start to think the engine is getting on the warm side? I’ve just installed a 912 and only have 2.1 flight hours on the (second hand) engine. I’ve only ever flown Rotax’s before mainly in Tecnam’s where they run nice and cool. What temps do people usually see in flight and climb? Thanks 🙂
  2. To replace or not to replace , that is the question . I have an Airborne Edge Outback 582 & although the hours are low , and it's been stored in a hangar , It has sat for years. It doesn't seem to me that the shock cord is as tight as those who share the hangar ... so Just replace & be done with it, or retighten & reattach ? Crimps or cable ties ? Any suggestions , tips or tricks greatly appreciated . Cheers Troy Rep.
  3. As we progress through things it is worth considering an overall site theme i.e. colours, fonts etc. I asked @Ahmed Zayed for his recommendations and he suggested a packaged solution. Ahmed did develop the Xenforo look-a-like theme which you can see at: https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/9156-provision/ However he has also suggested one of the themes at: https://www.ipsfocus.com/themes/ with my family picking the Elegant theme, I picked the Novus theme and Ahmed suggested the Shift theme. This is extremely important as the site is just basically white with a little blue so, what do you recommend from those above? Oh and don't forget we will still use the side column menu system we have now
  4. Hi there. I am a long time lurker first time poster. I am looking to purchase an aircraft for commuting between my QLD and TAS farming properties. At this stage I will be landing at sealed airports and flying only myself, but I am planning one day to take the family (of 3) with me and land on either property. I am happy to pay more up from to lower operating expenses. I would be keen to hear some suggestions. Note: please don't bother to suggest a Cirrus.... i had a friend in aviation insurance who made me swear never to fly in one.. I am aware of the diamond and tecnam twin piston offerings.
  5. rhtrudder


    We buy bulk 98 fuel , usually 600lts , pumped into a 1200 lt fuel tank that l use compressed air to fill bikes , mowers and my plane, just found out the supplier doesn’t use a dedicated petrol tank on the truck but supposedly drains any previous diesel out and then fills with my 98 , wondering how much diesel would end up in my fuel , been using this fuel for 10 years so l guess it’s okay
  6. Hi all. I’m very much a newbie and am only now beginning to stretch my wings and fly further and further from home. I fly an RV7A. In my planning, I don’t yet have the experience to know the airfield names or acronyms that are the most suitable to use when heading to large centres - eg if I was heading to Melbourne, where would I go to to find that it was either Essendon (YMEN) or Moorabbin (YMMB)? Is there a GA aircraft Airfield reference point somewhere or is it simply learn through experience/asking? Thanks in advance, Geoff (YBSS)
  7. Hi I have about 500 hrs on my Rotax 912 and recently on startup it one of the magnetos is dead for about one minute and then comes good. Has anyone heard of this or had this issue? Any pointers would be appreciated! Thanks Friarpuk
  8. Let’s hear from the most informed amongst us. Does a 3 blade prop perform better than a 2 blade , I am looking for a little better climb rate and yes I can loose weight and that will help. Let’s hear some facts that would encourage a poor and struggling pilot spend the hard earned to the purchase a Performance improver. I am happy with all facets of the planes performance except take off performance. Which I think is asthmatic to say the least.
  9. Hey all, So my bird has a Rotax 912ULS with only 320 odd hours on it. The problem is, it will be 15 years old (TBO) in 3 very short years. So I have a few questions I would love your opinion on. 1) - Would you try to offload it now, and put that coin towards a new one? OR 2) - Would you wait for the 3 years and try and offload at TBO and do as above? OR 3) - Would you keep it and run it "On Condition" as allowable under RAAus? (Private use only) I would love to hear your thoughts. The engine has meticulously maintained, with all SBs etc completed. Just scratching my head on how to proceed. I want to keep the airframe (also only 320 hours in) as it's immaculate, and I love it. Anyways... Fire away. Cheers J
  10. Hi, I'm a new pilot and have acquired an aircraft with a Jab 2200A engine. It has done 316hrs so far and the log books look very thorough. Just after people's thoughts, experiences, and possible things I may need to be aware of with this engine.
  11. Is there any substance to this story?
  12. Come Birdsville race time do owners of Savannah’s venture there? We are planning in the future to travel in ours to share the madness.
  13. There are several ways we can have Clubs, Schools and Clubs/Schools on the site for everyone and I am unsure which way would be the cleanest yet most functional for everyone. I believe we need to meet 2 functions in Clubs and Schools: 1. Enable a Club or School to create a presence here on Recreational Flying 2. Be able to provide a list of ALL Clubs and Schools for users and perspective students to be able to look up and find out about each one Firstly we will have Groups (yet to be turned on) and this can have categories for Clubs, Schools and General Groups(for aircraft types, etc). It can function as a presence for the club or school here on Recreational Flying and is quite powerful in that each one can have their own Forum, Gallery, Event Calendar etc: Owners/Admins of the Group can set its permissions as Public, Private, Invite Only etc. The issue in just using the Groups function for Clubs and Schools is that not all Clubs and Schools will want a presence here or even be bothered to maintain their Group features The second option is to provide a list of ALL Clubs and Schools in the Resource section of the site. This would simply be a listing of them all with basic information on each one: I would enter the information that I can find about each one however that information could go out of date in due course without a representative of the Club or School here to maintain their entry So, either way maintaining the accuracy of the information is a hard one. I wonder about having just either one as each one has different benefits but is using both with say a link in the Resource List one to their Group one would be the way to go or is that too much to have and perhaps may be a little confusing to a user who is looking for Clubs or Schools, finds one of the options here on Recreational Flying and doesn't know about the other. What do you think???
  14. This article by kitfox designer & manufacturer Dan Denny some time ago states that kitfox airframes are quite ok to carry an extra 300 lbs if you choose to do so, as the Skyfox could be considered a stronger version of the kitfox ,one could assume that an official weight increase to at least 550 kg should be sought from RAA. One could make the point that at the time the skyfoxes were being produced ,they were only certified to 425kg because that was the maximum approved weight at that time ,test data showed that they easily passed all safety testing with plenty of margin
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