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Found 297 results

  1. Hi, I have begun to dismantle a Minicab GY-201 with the intention of fully recovering with Oratex fabric. Has anyone used this product as I am keen to hear of your thoughts and the ease of application. Thanks.
  2. Deskpilot

    503 rebuild

    Calling all Rotax 503 experts. I'm in the process off rebuilding my engine and, being a very early(si/sc), it has main bearing plugs in the upper crank-case half. These have a step on them as to indicate a fitment orientation. Anyone know how they should be aligned? Also, when sitting the crankshaft in place, the O-rings (64 x 2) get pushed up so as to be too big Any advice? When I stripped the engine, only debris from earlier rings was present. P.S., engine has still to be finally cleaned so I know it not ready for bolt down.
  3. For Christmas my daughter gave me a Red Balloon 30min 737-800 Flight Sim experience here in Melbourne and just wanting to know before I book it is there anything I should know about it? Has anyone had this experience before?
  4. I have had the demo site for the new software platform up and running now for a while for you to have a look at, have a play with and to ascertain your thoughts on moving Recreational Flying to it. The demo site is located HERE Hopefully you may also have read the couple of threads about it: New forum software demo site Alert - FREE Offer to ALL Flying Clubs and Schools The reason for the shift has also been posted in the Whats Up Australia site and I repost here as well: So, now the time has come to implement the new software platform so what say you? Please vote on the poll and post as much information as you can here in this thread so there can be no question of that if we do we will not need to consider revert back for any reason
  5. I am having an issue with my 2010 Jabiru J230-SP. The weather early this morning was typical for this time of year in New England... sky clear, temperature 0.0°C , dewpoint -4.0°C, and a light wind. My guess is that it was about 7°C inside my hangar, and I leave a Tanis heater on all the time. My oil temp when I started up was 29.4 °C . Ten minutes of idling at 1200 RMP got it up to 32.2°. Taxiing five minutes to the end of the runway got it up to 40°C. And 1800 RPM mag checks and idling at 1400 RPM during run up got it up to 45.6 °C. My POH lists the minimum oil temperature for take-off and flight at 48.9°C. I usually get there by the time I am 1000 feet AGL, but when I throttled back at pattern altitude while doing touch and goes, and then on approach after practicing ground reference maneuvers away from the airport, the oil temp quickly dropped back between 44°C and 46°C. I am not particularly concerned about being a few degrees low. I am using AeroShell 20W-50 and I have no doubt it is flowing. The problem is over the next four months there will be many times when I want to fly and the ambient temperature will be in the -17°C to -7°C. The Diamond DA-40 that I took lessons in last winter had metal inserts that partially blocked the cowl ducts behind the prop... but the cowl ducts on my J230 are already half "blocked" from the factory. Any thoughts and suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks!
  6. Who makes electric inflight adjustable props for small Lycoming’s
  7. phantomphixer

    Pick up filters in Jabiru wing tanks?

    Has anyone else heard about small filters installed in Jabiru wing tank fuel pick up lines? Possibly a sintered bronze type? This was mentioned to me a few days ago by someone who has a problem with a 2008 J230. I am extremely sceptical that if these filters exist, they could start to be a problem after 10 years. My J230 is a similar vintage and running fine and I doubt that these filters, if real, could be causing this owner’s problem.
  8. saki


    Hello. Have just joined and am on the lookout for a two place folding wing trailerable machine in either tail or nose wheel Live in Foxton New Zealand and enjoy motorhoming in our retirement.
  9. When I upgraded the site I advised that there would be a new Classifieds System and well, we have 3 different alternatives that I would like to ask you on which system you would like to have. They range from very simple to very powerful. Have a look at each one and please vote in the poll System 1 This system is very simple and basic. It uses individual forums with a few fields that a user must complete to enter a Classified. There would be a Category called "Classifieds" and in that category will be several forums like: Aircraft - with fields of Type (For Sale, Swap, Free etc), Price, Location, Engine Hours, Frame Hours etc Engine & Props - with fields of Type (For Sale, Swap, Free etc), Price, Location, Hours etc Pilot Supplies - with fields of Type (For Sale, Swap, Free etc), Price, Location, Condition etc Services - with fields of Type (For Sale, Swap, Free etc), Price, Location etc So basically there would be a separate forum for each one in the forum list and when you create a thread you complete each of the extra fields which gets displayed across the top of the opening post of the thread The negative of this is the multiple extra forums required and every post made within a classified item like a question would come up in the Whats New list...do you really want to be alerted to every post within a classified item if you are not interested in that item System 2 Very much the same as System 1 with extra fields like the sellers PayPal address, extra payment types, a Buy Now button, either thread list display as it is now in the specific forum or a graphical display. The negative of this is the multiple extra forums required and every post made within a classified item like a question would come up in the Whats New list...do you really want to be alerted to every post within a classified item if you are not interested in that item System 3 This system uses the current "Resources" section of the site which would be renamed to Classifieds. It is a powerful and comprehensive system that allows for the sales of Downloadable products, Physical products and Services. It will allow for stock in physical products, allow for a % of sale to the site, cost to seller to feature their item as well the display and payment capabilities of System 2 plus much more. The negative of this system is that with the renaming of the Resources to Classifieds the current Resources will need to be included within a category of the Classifieds as Free Resources which are not really a classified item so could be some confusion there. There is possible a new Group System coming that will allow for the Clubs and Schools that are in the current Resources section and of which I hope to create Free Aircraft Distributor Groups based on the individual aircraft forum. So, please vote to tell me which system you would prefer to have as a Classifieds System here on Recreational Flying
  10. Can any one please advise the approx basic empty weight, MTOW, VNO and VNE figures from the POH of a GR912s tail wheel or nose wheel Lightwing aircraft? Cheers
  11. Today 15/3/18 6 like minded aviators embarked on a short trip to Cootamundra for lunch , the air this morning was glass and we enjoyed a leisurely smooth journey. After a short walk into town, we enjoyed a relaxing coffee and eats. Following some enlightenment on all things aeronautical , we did a lap of the Main Street . Some purchased novelty items and these items were photographed in various location around the town which related to a few laughs. The trip back to Albury was like sitting in a washing machine with thermals and winds robbing us of a smooth flight home. Believe me a fantastic time was had by all. Thanks to the aviators that could make it . I look forward to the next trip. Stevron
  12. Hello everybody! I did a quick Google search for "Australian Aviation Forum" and this came up in the results! I'm looking for a bunch of information, but first why don't I introduce myself? My name is Alex, I'm 26 and I've been PPL Licensed for a little over two years, and I just sent in the paperwork for my CPL. I'm planning a vacation to Australia at the end of September and I'll be looking to get my PPL converted and to purchase some bulk time on a small single-engine aircraft such as a Cessna 150, probably somewhere along the east coast. Nice to meet you all! Alex Penner
  13. I came across this new(to me) engine and I find it quite fascinating. Now it sounds Ok in theory, but will it, or does it, really work. This is a fairly long and well explained look into a 'new' technology. Enjoy BTW, I'm working on my own engine design that, when finished, I will publish and ask the same question. Fine in theory but will it work
  14. In order to give you the best user experience possible I would like to hear how you would like to use the Whats New function on the site. Currently you can see that there is a Whats New menu item plus there is a "New ???" in the sub menu list for each section. There is a possibility of having just unread posts, posts made in the last x days whether read or not etc. What kind of layouts do you want? What defaults do you want? etc. Strategically I need to give emphasis on the promotion of ALL sections of the site, NOT just the forums and new forum posts but expose to the user ALL the different areas of the site and what is new in them otherwise these other sections get forgotten about and not used so please keep this in mind when giving your feedback...thanks
  15. Came across an interesting topic for conversation while surfing the 'Net - Can you run an petrol engine on fuel vapour and use miserly amounts of fuel to go great distances? The basic concept here is that using the vacuum created in the intake stroke of an engine, air is bubbled through a tank of the usual fuel the engine runs on. The fuel/air vapour then enters the engine through the throat of the original carburetor, with the throttle butterfly controlling the volume of the mixture entering the engine, thereby controlling the revs. This video shows that an engine will run using this set up, but it raises many questions about its practicality. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IuGWHfWqWtg The first thing to consider about the experimental conditions here is that the engine was set running at constant revs. That does not happen in any sort of practical powerplant use. Revs range from idle to maximum safe, depending on the requirement at the time. Also, to get the engine started, the air/fuel mixture had to be adjustable. These are two things that got me thinking about the experiment, and I haven't mentioned fuel economy. I invite you to watch the video and apply your knowledge of fuel management to form an opinion whether this process is practical for normally aspirated 4-Stroke engines powering either aircraft or ground vehicles.
  16. As you will see the main menu across the top is full when viewing the site on a 1024 x 768 screen resolution so I can't add much more at this stage until I can get the side menu system developed again...this is a massive job in the new software configuration. But the side menu is my current focus. Just to let you know what is coming to Recreational Flying (.com) is: A complete online Chat system A new Classifieds System An Aircraft Showcase section Integrated Tutorials Clubs and Schools public or private discussion forums User integration with the Clear Prop Pilot Supplies Shop Once the new menu system is in place we will have room for these enhancements and the site will look more like the old site.
  17. I just found an issue which has now been fixed by a guy in UK who is great in server admin so the site performance should be better. Is it slightly better for you?
  18. Saying hello, just joined.
  19. AZNA

    Running Cost for Jabiru

    Hey Guys , I am look at purchasing a Jabiru J120 / J160. I was wandering of someone could give me a good guide on maintenance costs say on 100 Hours of flight? Servicing ? 100 Hourly cost ? Per Hour Cost ? Average insurance cost? Anything i am missing ? PM is welcome :) Cheers , AZNA
  20. danny_galaga

    Rotax 912 alternator

    Just wondering how well the rotax alternator performs. I’m guessing the setup is similar to motorbikes in that the rotor is directly ly driven off the crankshaft. The advantage being no belt to worry about and also more compact. Disadvantage being harder to get to. Is the rotor brushed or brushless? Guessing brushed. Anyone had any probs? Maybe had to replace the brushes?
  21. Does anyone have any experience with this? Are there similar products which are being used? What are the opinions on the effectiveness of additives? Is there anyone who sells it in Adelaide? I have a Camit 3300 and am currently using Shell W100 plus changing at 25 hour intervals.
  22. stuartmspencer

    Latest Jabiru 2200 - reliability

    Hi All. The 2200 in my J160 has just had to be written off due to a sequence of failures which appear to relate to an accident prior to me taking ownership. I have been considering a few engine options, but it looks as though the simplest and most cost effective solution is to go with a replacement Jabiru of the latest specification. Although numbers and hours are still low with the latest iteration involving roller cam lifters, I would be very interested to hear of anyone who has had experience with the new model, and/or they have heard of any failures occurring. Has Jabiru ironed out the previous issues, many of which were prevalent in the early hydraulic versions (such as mine)? Many thanks, Stuart
  23. The Garmin 296 GPS in my 10 year old Jab 230 has developed a white flare area in the middle of the LCD. The 296 is no longer available and replacement LCDs do not appear to be available either. I have an Ipad GPS etc. which I use with a kneepad, but would like to fill the gap in the panel. So I need a replacement GPS, preferably able to fit in the panel where the 296 used to reside. Perhaps somebody else has had this problem. Any suggestions/experience etc? Regards Alan
  24. jasmreid

    Pro Flight Simulator

    Has anyone had any experience with this product? Pro Flight Simulator™ I have been a long time MS FS 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9/X (yeah that far back!) user but the old laptop I used to run it on has died. I did try downloading X Plane 10 demo and could not get it configured to any level of satisfaction so didn't persist. I enjoy flying missions but principally use it to practice procedures, radio calls, checks and approaches to airfields I am likely to want to fly to/from once I complete my RAAus certificate. So I'm looking at all my options for Flight Sim on Windows 10. Any suggestions, comments welcome. Oh and ideally I want it to have a J160 and J230 that are reasonably accurate.
  25. Has anyone come up with a means to take pictures through a large port or sliding window in Savannah S door? Without removing the door for flight?