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Found 419 results

  1. Just saw the storch for sale, is it a slepkev?
  2. Hi all, My 12yo son is showing a very keen interest in aviation and he is keen to start some flight training. I know he is young so I have been advised to get him the Bob Tait Recreational Aircraft BAK Basic Aeronautical Knowledge hand book to give him some idea of what to expect if he starts his training. Is there out there that has one of these books they no longer need? happy to pay a fair price if you have one setting around not been used like the one in the attached photo. Thank Rmce
  3. Can any one please advise the approx basic empty weight, MTOW, VNO and VNE figures from the POH of a GR912s tail wheel or nose wheel Lightwing aircraft? Cheers
  4. I am converting my GFPT to RA-Aus. What would be the fastest way to bone up on the theory? I think it will be bak, air law and radio .
  5. Blue Drifter

    Drifters at AusFly.

    How many Drifters are planning on going to Narromine this year for AusFly. Looks like I might be able to make it this year depending on weather, work and the wife. I don’t want to be the only rag n tube there. Thanks.
  6. So there are lots of videos on YouTube et cetera, of aircraft landing on beaches, gravel bars in rivers and such... What is the legality in Australia? Looks fun would love to do the same.
  7. Flying early afternoon, heard mayday call on area frequency SW slopes NSW, before 1pm EST. Jabiru pilot said engine had stopped 4,500 feet or thereabouts. Landed in paddock out of Bordertown South Australia. I think I have the callsign right. I think I heard 2 pob. I think a medical chopper was involved in relaying messages from nearby, relayed that they'd landed safely in a paddock (unverified). Interesting to hear the amount of questions being asked by Melbourne centre re POBs, EPIRB, etc over what felt like minutes - was waiting for the pilot to politely sign off so he could concentrate on flying the plane.
  8. I recently noticed this damage to a polycarbonate windscreen. Definitely not stones - the screen remains smooth to the touch inside and out. Questions: (a) anyone any ideas as to what's causing this? (b) Is it dangerous - ie might the windscreen break in flight? © How to prevent in future? All helpful comments gratefully received!
  9. Hey, So I'm a student pilot learning to get my certificate and I fly at an un-controlled airfield where we use the radio to broadcast positions e.g base, rolling etc. My question is, lets say you have an engine failure in the circuit, what phrase would you use?? MAYDAY MAYDAY MAYDAY ?? or PAN PAN PAN. or would yhou just say Traffic [location] engine failure? thanks, Riley
  10. Hey, at what amount of hours did people undergoe their RPC flight test and actually get their licene. I see flight clubs saying around 25 hours but I always thought around 30 or something how many hours did u have when you did your flight test and get ur licence? Riley
  11. Hi, I am wanting to do a flight for some hour building in January in a Cherokee 6 300. The plan is to fly from Sunshine Coast to Ballarat and back again about 5 days later. The flight will be in the first week of January 2019. I just want to get some thoughts about whether it is a stupid idea as it can be crazy hot during that time, and I am just concerned about the turbulence. Has anyone done flying in summer out that way and what their experiences have been? Cheers, Kyle.
  12. If we know that GS = TAS + Vw, i.e. true air speed plus wind. However, GS changes drastically if I dive or climb which is obvious because I'm covering 0 ground distance if I dive vertically. What is therefore a real GS formula from TAS? It has to take into account the wind (Vw) but also the "3D angle of the aircraft" (for the lack of better expression).
  13. Hi, would anyone have a skyfox gazelle trailer they would consider hiring in the Adelaide area, I'm needing to collect a Gazelle up from upper Vic area and with the weather lately i think it would more convenient to trailer it rather then fly back. Thanks
  14. I am having an issue with my 2010 Jabiru J230-SP. The weather early this morning was typical for this time of year in New England... sky clear, temperature 0.0°C , dewpoint -4.0°C, and a light wind. My guess is that it was about 7°C inside my hangar, and I leave a Tanis heater on all the time. My oil temp when I started up was 29.4 °C . Ten minutes of idling at 1200 RMP got it up to 32.2°. Taxiing five minutes to the end of the runway got it up to 40°C. And 1800 RPM mag checks and idling at 1400 RPM during run up got it up to 45.6 °C. My POH lists the minimum oil temperature for take-off and flight at 48.9°C. I usually get there by the time I am 1000 feet AGL, but when I throttled back at pattern altitude while doing touch and goes, and then on approach after practicing ground reference maneuvers away from the airport, the oil temp quickly dropped back between 44°C and 46°C. I am not particularly concerned about being a few degrees low. I am using AeroShell 20W-50 and I have no doubt it is flowing. The problem is over the next four months there will be many times when I want to fly and the ambient temperature will be in the -17°C to -7°C. The Diamond DA-40 that I took lessons in last winter had metal inserts that partially blocked the cowl ducts behind the prop... but the cowl ducts on my J230 are already half "blocked" from the factory. Any thoughts and suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks!
  15. Guys im a PPL student from Sydney, Aus. Im going to New Zealand for work and while I'm there I'm hoping to get some time behind the yoke to see NZ from the air with a licensed instructor. My question is can I log my flying hours in NZ toward my PPL?
  16. An old idea that could speed up supply delivery, probably reduce long distance freight costs and make our roads safer. http://www.wimp.com/fairchildpackplane/
  17. The Aviation News Section of the site is being completely overhauled. So, can you please tell me what you would like to see the site have as a resource for you in this area if you started with a clean slate? Do you want to be able to read all the different news that is happening in aviation either in Australia or from around the world? Do you want all kinds of aviation or only recreational aviation news? From what news sources would you like to have available on here? Would you rather just have key news items as Articles instead of News? etc etc etc
  18. This thread raised a question in my mind about life insurance. When I had my first child in 2012, I checked with my super provider if their life insurance covered the more 'interesting' things that I liked to enjoy - ultralight flying, motorbiking, etc. For ultralights, they confirmed in writing that yes, it was covered. I wonder if the ruling mentioned in the SMH changes that. They classified any recreational flying as an 'obvious risk', and that it's inherently dangerous. Although the case notes focus on a different aspect of this case, that the plaintiff's claim that the pilot turning back earlier would have prevented injury was invalid, it might also provide material that microlighting is proven as a dangerous sport, and therefore not covered by normal insurance or life cover. Is anyone else covered by their standard life cover / insurance? Thanks, Damo
  19. findan2002

    Hi everyone!

    Hello there! A very recent incidence motivated me to join Recreational Flying: I am a Danish UL-pilot flying ICP Savannah with big "all-terrain" tyres. Good for me and my copilot, the other day during climb in hot weather with max. load I burned a piston (for the 2. time in 4 years) despite a cruiseclimb airspeed of 60-65 kts, and landed safely on a semi-rough unprepared farm grassfield nearby. No damage to the aircraft or to us. So now I am finished with direct air"cooled" engines. D-motor is compact and seems rather interesting for it's relative low RPM and direct drive, it does not have those 2 carburettors that don't agree and cause headaches to my fellow UL colleages each time they need adjustments. My questions are: Are there any Savannahs somewhere currently flying with the Belgian D-motor, and if so, could anyone tell me if it works well and how it performs? Is the engine mount similar or in the best case identical to those of, say Rotax or Jabiru? If not, it should be designed to fit both the Savannah and the engine, perhaps the Belgian factory could help in this respect? Or what would you suggest? Kind regards
  20. Hi Guys! Dose anyone know of anyone, anywhere in the world, above 85 years of age, who flies a Drifter....Any information will be greatly appreciated. Frank.
  21. rotatingturbine

    What to get...

    Hi, I am a student pilot that has just started training out of YCDR. My instructor told me to get the following: Bob Tait Recreation BAK Logbook ERSA VTC of YCDR and surrounding areas. Do you know where any of this stuff can be found? Any advice appreciated. Thanks, Liam
  22. Found these E-Books They are for sale on Amazon for 0.99c (assuming usd) Seem pretty basic but for 0.99c????
  23. If this was a real helo, what 'G's" what the pilot be experiencing. No idea but I wouldn't want to be on board. http://www.wimp.com/impressivehelicopter/
  24. G'day - another Aussie joins the ranks. Want to purchase a LSA amphibious aircraft next year and have specific requirements that seem unattainable to date. Composite engineered body and high wing - demountable/trailerable. (not a Searey) 2 wheels that will handle sand up front. (not a Colyaer, et al) Corrosion resistance optimal. (Can handle that part myself). Pusher 100HP minimum. Side opening window - ala Searey. Don't want monocoque/tilt opening. Price under $150,000 new. Second hand ok if meeting above specs and under 200 hours and under $100k. Ideas?
  25. Hi, I'm hoping to go on a solo flight tomorrow but my membership expired last week. I renewed it and have received a receipt. Even though I have not received the card in the mail yet, can I still go flying? Is it a requirement to carry your membership on board similar to how its required to carry your GA license on board? Sorry, I have searched and cannot find an answer. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks heaps!