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Found 7 results

  1. Time Left: 25 days and 17 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • NEW

    24 pieces of new DCPR7E Sparkplugs for 80 hp Rotax engine. Enough for 3 annual services. $100 including delivery.

    100.00 AUD

  2. Time Left: 13 days and 18 hours

    • WANTED
    • USED

    I'm trying to find an exhaust manifold to suit a Rotax 503, I am also looking for a 3 blade left hand rotation prop of around 60-62 inches for the n3 pup pictured, please contact me on 0405461103 (Aaron)

    1.00 AUD

    Ipswich, Queensland - AU

  3. Hi Name is Gary. Middle age guy flying a Kitfox IV 100 HP on Aerocet Anphibs. Been doing that for 15 years now, and the plane is awesome. Kitfoxjunky on YouTube if you are interested in seeing some video. Having a bit of an engine issue and got some good info from a post on this site so thought I would register so I can pester the person who posted it for more info. 912S is getting almost impossible to start. Looks like the Spragg Clutch. Wanted to make sure before I yank the engine. Other than that minor little hitch...life is good! Cheers,
  4. This issue may have been done to death in the past but as I am considering returning to sport aviation I am going to put it out there to see what your views are. A lot of people are pulled or pushed through the air by Rotax engines. And while this is generally about all the popular models available today, it is more specifically about 582s. The price of a new 582 is around $7000 to $8000 plus or minus a few variables. To overhaul a 582 has been quoted at between $5000 and $5500, plus the cost of removal and reinstallation and freight to and from the overhaul facility. For the sake of a thousand or two dollars, a new engine looks like reasonable value compared to an overhauled one. The TBO (time between overhaul) is, according to Rotax literature, 300 hours. Some organisations allow a 582 to run ‘on condition’ unless it is being used for training. This does not add up. A 300 hour TBO is roughly equivalent to 30,000 klms for a car engine. Hardly even run in. 30,000 klms on a Rotax powered BMW motorcycle is still low kilometres and imagine the outcry if a GS 800 needed an engine overhaul at 30, 40 or 50,000 klms. How many 582s are running up 500, 600 or even 1000 incident free hours? RAAus and the HGFA should have stats on this. Why is the TBO still 300 hours when I’m sure there is a verified history of many 582s running perfectly and within limits up to and past 500 hours? Either the engines are dodgy, or components in them are dodgy, or someone is ripping off someone, or has a virtual monopoly that is allowing them to ‘take advantage’ fiscally of the people whose aircraft are fitted with 582s. If the engines or engine components are dodgy then that would be reflected in the record of service difficulties or fault reports by the large number of people running 582s. Yes some of these engines fail pre 300 hours but in reality, not very many. So why then is a $7000+ Rotax 582 engine mandated for TBO at 300 hours? And why also have the HGFA and RAAus not resolved this financial burden on behalf of their members?
  5. Hi all, So, I'm entertaining the idea of owning an aircraft. I created a basic spreadsheet of rough costings which, when averaged based on projected number of usable hours per year, came up with an hourly rate. I was using rough figures based on engine type, hangarage cost, insurance, maintenance etc. I presented this to my CFI for comment, and he totally tore it apart. He presented a rough, bottom-up approach, which took into account things like re-skinning a fabric aircraft etc and even depreciation of value of the aircraft and, even running costs of my car to drive to the airport. Given that my aim at this time is a small, single-seat aircraft, perhaps open-cockpit, Rotax 277/447/503/etc (basically the cheapest piece of rag-and-tube that I can get my butt skyward on a regular basis!), can anyone provide me with a spreadsheet template to calculate running costs of such an aircraft? Also, can anyone who runs such an aircraft give me an example of a reasonable hourly rate to run such an aircraft? By the way, I am in Australia, so I would need it to be in, or easily converted to, $AUD and metric. Many thanks, Gimballock.
  6. APenNameAndThatA

    Options for Foxbat Engine.

    Hi I am about to purchase an Aeroprakt A22LS Foxbat Kelpie. Comes with the 100 hp Rotax and can be optioned with fuel injection. My question is what engine choice to make and what options to get. My main priority is to reduce pilot workload and have high reliability and safety. Having high performance and/or low fuel consumption is not important. Having to use carb heat is an anathema to me (!#[email protected] it's 2017 [email protected]#$). The operating conditions will be low humidity and temps -2 to 45 C, but it could move anywhere in Australia, which includes tropics I suppose in the future. I expect it will be VH registered but will have glass cockpit so should not need a vacuum pump, but I might just be ignorant about that. I expect I will get the model without manual carburetor heat. Fuel injection does not seem to be worth it if it weighs 7kg more, and delivers about 7% increase in fuel economy (just carry 7kg fuel in a jerry can). But if it was a 30% increase in fuel economy then that *might* be different. Do I need a bigger oil radiator? Coolant overflow bottle? What about these thermostats people keep adding? Thanks. And Thanks for reading the long post. P.S. duplicate post from Rotax Owners.
  7. Hi,Im not really into aircraft but have a number of vintage hirth parts for sale.All parts to suit Hirth 192r(317cc) and 171r(634cc). I have; crank assemblies x4 Piston and ring assemblies x10 Cylinder jugs x11 + one used Heads x5 + one used Spark plugs x3 Ring sets x3 Points x1 Condenser x1 Crankseal x4 Bore base gaskets x 15 Few other miscellaneous parts. You can contact me [email protected] with enquiries.Would prefer to move it in one lot but will seperate! Thanks.