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Just wondering if anyone out there has ever come across these aircraft.




If they are as good as they say they are, they are pretty good, and have to admit a very sweet looking aircraft ...


LT and Escape Prices are US$1.9m and US$1.5m respectively in a kit form which is assembled at the factory with assistance and includes engine, prop, avionics, interior etc.


Way out of my league ... but dreams are free right?


Wonder if there are any of these sailing the skies of Aus?



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Guest basscheffers

It's aircraft like these (and the likes of TBM-850) that just show the stupidity of the VLJ craze. For aircraft of this size, turboprops are just so much more efficient. The only VLJ that matches this in speed and (almost) payload is the Cessna Mustang, costing $3M and burning 50% more fuel and having two engines to pay maintaince for!


The single-engine VLJs make some sort of sense, but for the same price they could have been built with a turboprop, be 50-100kts faster and cary way more load.


Shame the PT-6 is the only real game in town; something a bit smaller would be more appropriate.



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