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Started the Couger

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Goodaye all


Still around and healthy.


l did have one of my hips fail and cause some metal poisioning, back on my feet and the the metals are slowly getting out of my system.


Hopefully get my medical back around Easter.


Some of the symptons were very nasty, not that l noticed.?


Due to the hip no work on the Couger the last 12 months.


Revising the fuel system to one 80lt tank and removing the back seats.


regards Bruce



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Well done Bruce. As another 6 year survivor, I know what it's like. My oncologist says if you make it past 5 years, you can consider yourself 99% cured. They will never say 100%.



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Goodaye all


The cancer scare was a missdiagnoses.


It took 3 PET scans all said l had it.


4 biopsys, 3 of which were inconclusive.


The last one which they knocked me out for they went for a lump and it was ordinary scare tissue.


Told to go away and have a happy life.?


Most stressful 8 weeks ever.


regards Bruce



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Hi Bruce,


Great to have you back. Misdiagnosis!!!!


I would love to come and see how you are going with the construction.





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