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Skyfox 55-0606 back in the air.

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Hi All. Another Skyfox, 55-0606, (previously owner by Rick-P), is back in the air. Flew Sunday 9th January 2011 at Palmyra airfield west of Mackay Queensland. My first flight in a Skyfox and all went sweet. I was very impressed. :thumb_up:


Images on my post.


Cheers and best wishes.





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Good stuff Mike... I am a big fan of the Skyfox... Was the first "Ultralight" I flew in back in about '91. Can't wait to join you in the circuit at Palmyra but better keep an eye over your shoulder because the Texan is a wee bit faster lol. Hoping this weather doesn't ruin the plan for Matt's Flying school to be training at the end of the month.



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Mike I have the strip all mowed now and ready for use again so when you are up to it, come on down.


We can go for a fly in the Lambada I'm sure with your gliding experience you will be able to give me something new to contemplate.


Also little Rhys keeps asking " daddy when is Mike bringing back my aeroplane".


See you soon.







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Hi Rick & Mike,


Glad to see 606 back in the air Rick - I'm pleased that you were able to sell it and its airbourne again - sorry that I couldn't follow through with the purchase we talked about for so long! Always felt bad about that! Congratulations Mick - from what I learn't from Rick it should be a sweet aircraft!


Mike S



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Hi Mike


The skyfox TW is going great. Just the rain lately has made the local airstrip soggy and not suitable for doing a few ground runs. I've got lessons booked for Thursday and Friday and also the weekend is free so I should get plenty of training in. I want to do some ground runs to hone up my rudder work and need a few more landings and then things should come together. The flying is fine and the cockpit room is good.


When you get your TW give me a PM and i'll give you a list of things to overhaul (I'm new at this so get my comments checked out by your maintenance person), eg the tail wheel bearing needs to be perfect fit, greased and the springs tensioned right so it follows your rudder movements and if it has a maule tail wheel assy then the lock pin needs to be new, not worn, otherwise in my experience you'll have a "missbehaving" aircraft on the ground.


Any way I'm very impressed with the flying experience and vision of the Skyfox. The folding wings have been great for me as hanger space at present is realy non existant at Mackay. But in near future will have hanger space available as a small group are going to build one.







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Hi Mike,


yep, you need to have it all sorted - I've been doing lessons in a Eurofox TG. Remember to keep at least a full wingspan away from other aircraft & buildings - friend of mine ground looped his Lightwing while taxing and hit another aircrafts wing on the way around! I'd been warned about it!


Good luck with it and check the AD's for it - pretty certain Rick had them all done - I think it needed the mod for the landing spar but from memory he had the part - just needed to be installed - and since it was in Western Queensland corrossion shouldn't be a major issue - also, he had it hangared so it should be pretty good - sure looked it in the photos he sent me.


I've got onto one at the moment so we'll see whare that goes and if & when I get one I'll drop you a thread and we can chat - possibly get them together so you can check out the difference between yours and the CA25. My brother lives at Bangalow in Norhtern NSW so I'll be up way as soon as I can once I get one so be in your area - sort of!


Anyway, hope it's all you hope it to be ,





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