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Hi guys. As is normally the case, our airfield comes under a fair bit of fire from a few locals making complaints. The shoalhaven council intends to change the zoning of the land that Jaspers Brush lies on, to a zoning that would make the airfield "legal". We have been operating on whats called "existing use rights", which means, its been there for so long that its sorta established a status quo.


Anyway, long story short, there is an action group of locals, most of which live no where near the airfield, who keep complaining to council to try and get us shut down. Over the last few months they have ramped up there complaints even though we have reduced flying hours. They are clearly just trying to stop the new LEP coming through.


A real shame as now we have some nasty letters saying we may have to close up shop, and end a long tradition of flying at jaspers brush, which dates back to the 60's.


So Im asking for help from our fellow aviators, if we can rally some support to sign a petition, we may be able to hold back the tide.


If ya have a spare 2 minutes, please fill out the form.


Thanx guys....





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Duly signed. Good luck, mate!!


I wonder how many of the complainants bought a house in the area AFTER the airfield was already in operation. I would wager a good proportion!







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IMPORTANT: If a property has Existing Use Rights, that means that although the area may be rezoned and different Uses and Prohibited uses are prescribed, the property with existing use rights is exempt from the changes.


That is the situation under Victorian Law, and I couldn't see why it would be different in NSW.


Usually with Existing Right Uses, while there can be challenges within the Planning system from neighbours on all sorts or grounds (e.g. the odours coming from broiler sheds), they virtually all fail.


You need two things, a public campaign (like One Six Right in Van Nuys), and in the background the best Planning Consultant you can get - he's the one who knows Planning law and he will be the one who knows when and where to apply the Existing Rights component.


Unless NSW Panning Law is different to Victorian Planning Laws you have what we call the golden bullet and barring some underhanded corruption, you virtually can't lose if you get a good planning consultant to steer it through.


Good luck with it


For other airfields under attack, if you control the airfield and if it has been there for the right number of years (see your State Planning department for the set period) it's well worth documenting the start up date.



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Guest Jake.f



I recall recently here that there was a small section in the paper here of someone complaining about pilots of light planes taking off early on Saturday mornings, I think complaints like these could be settled (sometimes) by taking the complainer up for a flight just post dawn for them to witness that amazing view themselves.



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Guest studentbiggles

Good Luck Motzy............and I'll pass this onto all AWPA members.


Fly and Keep Safe..........................Alley



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Another issue I came across when looking after Rolleston & Springsure strips in Qld was Native Title. When the airstrip was extended it required a slight alteration to the nearby road reserve. That gave rise to Native Title issues over the whole strip. I had to go back as far as I could to get documented proof of a substantial alteration of the landscape. At first the only proof was an account for grading some decades after the strip was established. So it would be prudent to collect as much dated data as you can, interviews, photos, invoices etc against the day you will be called to account. I was also required to get cultural custodians of the various tribes (at that time the area was not under claim) to walk the land and advise on any cultural signifigance. This varied from not bothering to visit as he knew there was no activity there, to a zealous collection of broken stones in dozer tracks and sticks that looked scuffed, to the guy who took a deep breath and declared he could feel the spirits. In the end it was determined there was no cultural heritage that would stop the airstrip being used for its primary purpose.





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Dealing with councils is hard work, you are better off directly contacting the mayors office and expressing your gratitude for the ongoing support of the airstrip.


councils tend to avoid angry rate payers like the plague. If you can get some face time with the CEO that also helps as they usually are the ones that can tell you what's really going on.


mayor's details http://www.shoalhaven.nsw.gov.au/council/councillors/green.htm



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Man, I really dislike these people who have no regard for others rights to have a healthy outdoor activity. What do they want, bored people creating havoc in other ways (leading to vandalism, hooliganism, etc)?



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Bit like shires that ban motorcross tracks and wonder why there are more damaged bus stop shelters. "The devil finds work for idle hands" My mother used to say. Not that I accept it in that context, but beware of having fun and being noticed. Someone will want to stop you doing it. Jealousy? Nev



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