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Yes, you are right djpacro and rankamateur. I have moved on. After 230 fantastic hours in the Maule, I had to make some decisions re family and life, so I posted an ad in Aviation Trader and Bingo, Reg Hamblin from Urella Downs in Corner Country NSW rang up and bought it. So with a heavy heart I delivered the Maule to Broken Hill with my friend and fellow Maule driver Ben Jaensch alongside. I bought a 1974 Landrover with the proceeds (bit of change there) and drove back, via Lake Mungo. Quite and adventure with my 11 year old son.


I have now joined MAG, (Melbourne Aviation Group) operating out of Morrabbin, with a 182S Cessna CXZ and an Archer 111 OKY to choose from. So keep an eye out for me in the skies folks.



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The bloke who introduced me to Savannah's owned an M5 Maule before his first Savannah, They sound just like a four door Sav on steroids, but cost a lot lot more to keep. I pull my first rivet tomorrow on my first one,he owns his fifth one now, it'll do me.



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