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A name for Pud's Thruster

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a name will come to you

That sounds like a typical saying from the 70's but I reckon you wern't around then eh FT? It was usually said in a 'Hash haze' along with other gems like 'far out maaan', and 'One of these light years when it's not to heavy', or 'You got any bread maan?'

I reckon I'm gonna stick with 'Gaygirl', although 'The Pudster' has a certain attraction. The nose art that goes with 'Gaygirl' will clinch it I think.





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Somebody has suggested "Enola Gay". I've sustained a few bomb attacks from Gay over the years, but I don't think this suggestion is going to get up!!!Pud

This is a very explosive suggestion, Pud; a bit of a bombshell, really.


Pudster for me 064_contract.gif.1ea95a0dc120e40d40f07339d6933f90.gif

I vote for Pudster too.



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