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Solomon's Flight Training.

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For those of you who don't know, a few months ago the ABC ran a story on a young bloke from vic who designed and built an aeroplane in his garage. After watching the news report I felt compelled to give the guy a bit of a push in the right direction and offered to train him up to solo for free. One of my aircraft owners (and instructor) offered the use of her aeroplane to do the training in. (Thanx Liz aka foxy)


Also thanx to the Aviation theory center for chucking in for his study books, Blueshead for donating a camera, and Howard Hughes for donating solomon a headset. He is very grateful for all the help.


For those that haven't seen the article, here it is again.




Anyway, long story short, Solomon has been here since the 22nd and commenced his training. To date he has done a bit over 5 and a half hours.


So far we have covered.


# Trial Instructional flight (aircraft introduction)


#Effects of controls


#Straight and level


#Climbing and descending




#Stalling and unusual attitudes


I have to say, he's a s keen as mustard and as sharp as a tack.


The weather hasn't been good today so i spent the day putting a video together from his training so far.


I am sorry, I had to split the video up (its 15 mins long) to allow it to be uploaded to youtube.So there are 2 parts. (watch them both, don't be a tighta$$) 006_laugh.gif.0f7b82c13a0ec29502c5fb56c616f069.gif


Its over 5 hours of footage compressed into a short montage of the flying.


Enjoy and stay tuned.






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Bloody awesome video, Motz! Technically one of the better ones around. I bet plenty of people want to know about the cameras used, how they are mounted, the sound input and how it was all edited.


Beautiful to see the outside shots. The country side could do with a few drops of rain...not. I'd be worried about finding a firm dry bit of level ground in the event of engine failure.


This video has lots of potential as an instructional tool- (my only criticism is being unable to see the panel).


You two blokes obviously had lots of fun. It's great to see and hear such relaxed and happy lessons: perhaps an approach some other instructors could emulate.


Your video deserves a wider audience- it's shows RAA flying training in a very positive light.





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hey guys!


im well and truelly into my training now, we've covered allot of things during theory lessons and practicle. Im having such a blast up here in NSW this is truelly a great opportunity for me, although i came here with quite a bit of knowledge about planes which made the theory lesssons more easier for me, but i have to say i learnt a lot more from the practicle side since i've had very little experience in that area. This will definitely help me in the future and it will also help with my plane project, i cant say how great it's been so far and im looking forwards to other great things yet to come! I like to thank Motz for putting in the great effort in putting those videos together, he's done a great job of it too.


So stay tuned everyone theres probably more yet to come!



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Again well done .Does bring back memories of learning to fly at Jaspers.Should let one of the TV channels know as I think it would make a good story. Interesting to hear Motz voice change to a much higher pitch towards the end of the 1st video [you big girl or was it Liz:drive:] Cheers T87



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Well done Motz and Foxy! And Solomon!


For some reason when I see your name it reminds me of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.... guess I was expecting this as a musical backing for the video.


PS: Do you normally ask your students to keep a hand on the throttle?



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Thanks for all the kindies..


Gnarly, yes I normally insist a hand be on the throttle, in the vid we were doing stalling which I like to teach in stages ie. recovery without power then recovery with minnimum loss of height (with power).


The outside shots were filmed with a HD gopro suction mounted. The inside shots were done with a xacti HD suction mounted. The audio is piped straight through the mic line, useing a filter box with some resistors to lower the gain on the line as the mic and headphone's use different Ohmage (or so a sparky dude tells me).


The wx looks crap for the next few days so we will be hammering the BAK and human factors theory. (a good time to start discussing the attributes of a test pilot :) wink wink..)


I am enjoying training solomon, he's a bright kid who could have an exiting career in any field he chose. He is aviation mad, when he has the remote he always manages to find aeroplanes on austar. When we aren't doing anything he's building model planes out of cardboard or playing with the kids remote helicopters. lol.


Anyway, work to be done.. thanx again for the kind words.





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