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Tiger Moth Down in Maryborough

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A tragedy... my thoughts are with the families and friends of the deceased. If anyone comes across the rego I'd be grateful if they let me know.







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Kaz,VH-GVA was the Tigermoth involved in the accident going by the Aviation safety net website

Thank you Alf


I received an email from Dick Gower who many of you will know is a GA ATO and CFI for both GA and RAAus with more than 12000 hours of instructing in his logbook. Dick is also a life member of the AAAA and proud owner of a Chipmunk. I was with Dick the last time I flew into MBU and we looked at the woeks that were just getting underway.


Very sad for me Karen. We were working to get his new Chipmunk (POR) registered.


John was the mover and shaker behind the new hangars and the museum ay YMBU.









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