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Hi just a quick question, the position of the wing battens in the streak wing. When I bought my trike and was assembling it with the seller I was told that the red battens went in the right side, I remembered this as Red battens Right side from the Rear view of the trike (RRR), Reading the manual it says Red is in the left side wing but is this facing looking from the front or from the rear.


:please:This is the way I have been flying it for the last 17hrs





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"left" & "right" w.r.t. an aircraft are as seen from the pilot seat.


The colours orientation is the same as aircraft wingtip lights and the manual (rather than your seller) is correct.







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It's a nautical colour reference and the colours are used in the same manner in aviation, as Crezzi referred to, which are a similar arrangement to navigation lights on boats.


Red is the colour for the "Port" side, or left side.


Green is the colour for the "Starboard" side, or right side. Although Blue can also be used.







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I also remember this by thinking of the wings as if they were "my wings"...like a bird.


i.e. right wing would be to my right (as seated in trike)


Then I use the saying: "Red on the Right is wRong"


(I can't take the credit for this...learn't from someone much wiser than me)



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