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Old Koreelah

Training for disabled pilot

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I know a bloke who would love to learn to fly, but he has an arm missing.

He has made enquiries but was told he'd have to pay for a plane to be modified...

Does anyone know of somewhere with the facilities/equipment to cater for him?

I presume an aircraft without flaps would be a good start.

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There's no reason for not having a fully equipped aircraft, ie flaps retracks etc, except cost. Of coarse, they'e all be electrically operated via switches on the stick. Tell him, if he can afford it, go for it.

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I do belive that a disabled pilot in Melbourne started an association for disabled pilots some time back. AOPA may also be able to put you in contact.

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Hi Everyone,

Our flying school [suncoast Cooloola Flying at Gympie QLD] is now in a position hopefully to be able to help some disabled people to learn how to fly,now that we have our Ercoupe on line for training.

As I am sure many of you already know the Ercoupe does not have rudder pedals,it stays in perfect balanced flight through the ailerons being interconnected with the rudder. Since we have had it,I have been amazed at what a delight it is to fly. Braking can be done either by a foot brake or by hand,it does not have flap and the best fun part is it can be flown open or closed cockpit.

Regarding the gentleman with one arm,I am not sure,it can certainly be flown by people with lower limb disabilities,but it would be worth a try, the only arm requirements are the yoke of course and the throttle.

We are very keen to be able to look at the possibilities of being able to teach disabled people to realize their dream of flying and our Ercoupe could be a great place to start.


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David Jacka is a quadraplegic who flies. Might be best to get in touch with him for ideas. I know his disability is different but he may have the right contacts to help.





Spot on Shags,


I know Dave quite well, he is an inspiration to me, for the record, Dave actually first got his licence for trikes and amassed around 100hrs (solo) in them before going onto the J230.

Dave is infact classed as a quadraplegic, he has no movement from the chest down and no finger function on his hands.

Dave was determined to learn to fly and had a few knock backs from trike instructors before Steve Ruffels gave him a go and frankly the skies the limit for him now, he went on to attain his trike ticket, he designed and paid for the modifications needed for his trike aswell as the ones for the 230.


Old Koreelah,


If Dave can do it i'm sure your mate will have a walk in the park compared to him.

You will find your friend will most likey have to buy his own aircraft in the long run and modify it to suit his needs, not many will be already fitted out as there is so many variables in disabilites.

It is doable just depends on how much he wants it.




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