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The Morgan Motor Glider

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Hi every one I havent been on line for a while so about timeI gave you an update on what is going on, I have made a new tail and cut out some metal out of the rudder to lighten the rear end. Each tail half was 6.5kg it is now 2.5 kg The rotax motor I was going to use is 25kg heavier, so it will need a little weight in the nose. these are being painted and early next week we will do another weight and balance. Some instrument changes. and the paper work, GFA ( Dennis Stacey) will come and look at the aircraft soon.

As for the single seater design, is now very close to to a final shape and size. The 13m is out, 15m class is also going to 18m and open class is coming down to 18m. The design is 18m 4 piece wing self launch ( I have just received my 28hp Hirth motor at 17kg) Should have the performance between a Ventus and an SAG 29. no moulds, and now no carbon, the spar will be made of S glass. The foam sandwich core is on order. It will have a retractable main and nose wheel, the nose wheel will be steerable. Trim drag of the tail at all speeds has been solved with an all flying tail, many of the early gliders where not set up right and got a bad name, but trim drag is an area I have spend a lot of time on. Airfoil is a T 12 They are all much the same for there age, like race cars the all look the same for there age. A trend now for the fuse is not to tapper it to fast the Duckhawk and Ventusis a good example.After about a year I realised it is not all German rocket science as many say, most of the best gliders now are not from Germany like the JS!, Duck hawk etc.

The big thing is all these gliders are very expencieve and made in hi teck moulds, and no one has plans for a hi performance glider it all stopped when glass came along about 35 years ago. So even if it doesent perform quite as good as I expect, I Hope it will get some glider pilots into the air at an affordable cost.A plan built one will be under 15K the cost now to buy a import 18m self launch is about 250-300 k. I am sure I am going to upset so more people with this, one agents reaction so far was a BIG NO. NO. when I mentioned the cost to build, I got into a little trouble when I got caught measuring a glider, ha ha got my measurements. Safe flying. The Morgan 10 ,is that the Cheyeene is the tenth aircraft I have now designed and built if you where wondering what it meant .

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