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gathering of beagles

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did i mis-spell that??


hey alla youse Drifter Drivers - 18th November this year is the 5th anniversary of Cropduster Dave (also known as Boleropilot or Tonxy) going solo in a Drifter at Clifton


as such i have arranged with the grey haired (what hair he has left) Trevor Bange for me and my lil Drifter to drop in for a celebration


btw, Trevor did have a lot of lovely dark hair before i did my training - not sure what happened there...


anyway, the Lone Eagle Flying Club has agreed to put on a BBQ for any and all Drifter/Fisher flyers to drop in on the day to help celibate this momentous occasion (prices TBA)


please let me know asap if you would like to attend, non-Drifter aircraft will (as usual) be given temporary Drifter status on the day - how good is that????


hoping to see lots of aircraft at Clifton on the day,


cheers for now





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