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RV-12 now S-LSA

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Was just looking at the website and drooling, complete kit $63,700US including avionics and engine!Also available as a partial kit!066_naughty.gif.fdb194956812c007d0f5d54e3c692757.gif

You will need to factor in freight, customs, GST and paint - allow about 20%-25% over and above the factory price to be realistic. The dollar is really good now, but it was $0.82 US when I got my first kit. With all the available options (wheel pants, lights, autopilot, full interior) plus paint, I will be at around $96k in the air :crying:Still a lot cheaper than the faster RV's though ($130-$150k).


There are currently around 30 RV-12's being built or flying (8) in Oz.





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yeah i reckon they are great but i am bit biased since we have one over 200 hours on it now and all going great hope to take it to bushley park flyin on the weekend





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