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Pictures of your Rig

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Would anybody be interested in having a section/Thread for posting pictures of your own aircraft [Thrusters in this section].Would be nice to see whats' out there with respect to detail/closeup pictures of allowable mods etc. Cheers



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Thinking about this a bit more while working in the garden - still trying to assemble that darn gazebo - I might look at putting a row of random thumbnail images from the corresponding photo gallery category across the top of the list of threads in that particular forum.


I will however have to look at the load times to make sure it isn't impacted too much - but I think this may be a worthwhile amendment.


In other words there will be a row of random Thruster thumbnail images across the top of the page of all the Thruster user Group threads.



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Hi Alan


From my point of view pictures of your rig are just what I want, or any other thrusters pics I am rebuilding a T500 and have little material to refer to .


just the interior of the pod layout, instrument panel, battery location up front , trolley jack under passengers seat!!! was all great . more please.


Thanks .........FLY



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Guest Juliette Lima

Hi Thruster 87,


Having aircraft mods/innovations in specific aircraft type segments sounds great....


Care to post re. your new disc brake setup....where, how, cost/benefits


etc.?...are threse the ones recently advertised in the Pacific Flyer ?


Incidently, what type of tyres are you using ?


Thanks in anticipation





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Howdy, I used Hayes HD hydraulic disc brakes[cost $225.00 ]but had to change one line as it was only 90cm long [front brake] to 125cm cost $20.00 exchange/fitted/not bled at local bike shop. The 203mm Rotors plus adapters sold on eBay for $90.00 as I made my own 160mm Dia out of 2mm cr mo.Tires are Kings 15.00 x 6.00 2 ply supplied by Steve Vette when he was still in Qld.Looking forward to now putting a NEW 503 on in the next couple of weeks about $5200.00 with B box. Then I'll do the brake testing [seems OK on the jacks]. Cheers



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