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fsx drifter!

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hey guys, posting this here cause if im honest, I'm just pretty stoked and while my girlfriend couldnt give 2 hoots, im sure somone here might!


for those of you who have FSX, anthony lynch for ants airplanes made a great drifter for the game available here http://www.antsairplanes.com/


thought i caught up with him at the great eastern fly in and took him for a spin in mine, in return hes made a repaint of it! kind of stoked! so anyone who wants a chance to fly my aircraft, the repaint of it is available here:




be aware though you will need the payware aircraft first.


anyway, now Ive got that off my chest! happy flying!



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I bought the payware plane before I did my training, was going to train in a drifter 503 at Inverell aviation, that didn't come off so it will be good to get some use out of it. FSX actually bears little resemblence to actually flying but I didn't know that before I trained, it is about as dissimilar as flying a radio model plane.



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