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I taught people to fly in the old wooden gliders. Slingsby sold kits to clubs.Learning to fly the T31 etc on the wire was still the best training. When the micros started I put these guys straight into the Dac. For a local floater look at Mike Sandlins goat. Look up airchair. For fun flying the french fournier. Glass was great when it came out but cot stopped the young guys and old school are now getting silver wings. Meanwhile I still build and fly Jodels as a glider. Akit glider or motor glider with 28 to 1 like blanic or ask 13 is all thats needed. The recreational pilots licence in NZ started from the old caso 17 motor gliders. Chas



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And always nice looking with a low drag profile. I notice it is VH rego, very smart.

If it is GFA registered it is VH registered. This is why I cannot fathom why RA-Aus has to have a different register. All aircraft should be on the same register as they are in NZ & elsewhere



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Airfoils well many manufactures will tell you of all the testing they have done and they have there name on it, another is that how close tolerance they have to be to work. The older gliders mostly used the wort. FX 67 they may have there own names for it but that is what it is now the latter airfoil is the FX 87 all have there own names but that is the trend, except the asg 29 when they testes there new foil didn't work so they went back to the fx 67. And it may be news to you that most wings left and right are not the same because of the manufacturing. although the roughness must be with in 4th max. its not rocket science.


There are no plans for glass gliders out there, but i will have drawing for the new ones.



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Progress is the motor and doors are working, the electric U/C is now going well. The canopy was cut into the glass frame today the frame was a big job getting all the form work in place to lay it up. A few more weeks fine tuning parts to work better. Then the wings can be constructed. These will be the easier part of the build, I've found the building of the tail and fin foam sandwich construction easy going and the biggest problem with glass is the finishing. But with the 60ksqm foam which is very hard holds its shape, when the glass is layed over it using a straight edge to pull the resin over gives a good lay up and very flat. Just a layer of filler sanded off with a machine sander ( im getting to old for hand work) the finish was good enough for high fill . The idea is not to have much filler on the job as this shrinks at different rates and you lose the 4 thou roughness after a few months required for laminar flow. Most if not all parts have been made at least two - three times to make it all work some jobs have been done 20-30 times. By the time it goes to planes all will have been worked out to make everything fit and to be able to work around components. it is a very tight fit for all parts in the wing motor area. The tail has come out heavy but that is learning what is needed.



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Canopy fitted hinged, taken mold off canopy to mold window. many many small mods to make every thing work as it should. Most of the fuse is done . The fuel tank shape is very strange to fit around the BRS U/C and steel frame. Not to far to start the wings after testing the spar joint 75% out and outer section.



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[ATTACH]38887[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]38888[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]38889[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]38890[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]38891[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]38892[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]38893[/ATTACH] Some Photos taken today

Nice, thanks for the images. Well done.






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