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Howdy all.


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Newbie to this site - I'm Steve Heron, and I live in Tassie (at the top end). Private pilot's licence obtained in 1987, but I haven't done much flying since then and am currently re-acquainting myself with the left hand seat of a C172. Great fun, and a few more circuits, a couple of quick nav trips, and a bit more money should see my BFR signed off.


I have a website as well, currently (always) being developed, which also hosts a blog of my flying experiences as I progress - http://www.squawk3000.com. I'm looking forward to doing some serious flying over the next few years - time, money and fuel prices permitting.







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Guest Chainsaw

G'Day Steve and welcome to TAA,


You will find plenty of great resources here including a terrific Photo Gallery. You are most welcome to upload any photos there.


There is also plenty of like minded people to discuss things with too....enjoy your stay mate







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