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Gday Guys

Guest Ossie

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Hey everyone,


This site looks great, ill hopefully stick around.


Im a teenager, want to become a commercial pilot one day.


Looks like I might be heading down the University path to get all my licences, anyway thats a different story.


Thanks for having me,





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Guest Chainsaw

Gday Ossie,


Welcome to TAA. There is lots to keep you busy here. Check out the Gallery, it's cool.







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Guest g_i_jack029

Welcome mate, i 2 am a teen and looking to start my PPL next year and get my CPL as soon as finances allow....and time.


This is an excellent forum, i joined last year and haven't looked back.


I can't say how greater job the Admins and moderators do, enjoy the site



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Welcome aboard


I'm way past the teenager status and not new here. You could say I'm old, but not as old as some here :biggrin:


These aviation nutters are a great bunch of people



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