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Another special deal for TAA Members of PLB's

Guest Michael Coates

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Guest Michael Coates

Personal locator beacons. We all have to have one now in the new 406 MHz frequency range according to CASA.


Basically there are two types of beacons in this category, one with a GPS and the other without a GPS. The GPS version is more expensive than the basic model but it has additional features and accuracy which far outweigh the small price difference.


Having a GPS version will give you accuracy to within 45m and it will alert the authorities that you are in distress in around 35 seconds.


This means there is no more search and rescue, we can replace the name that has been used for years with just one word, RESCUE.


Made in Australia by communications company GME the MT410G is a fantastic little unit, not much bigger than a packet of cigarettes it will quite happily fit in the top pocket of your shirt. With a seven-year battery life and a seven-year warranty, inbuilt high visibility strobe light and absolutely no warmup period this unit is probably the best personal locator beacon in the world and now must be carried on every aircraft within Australia which flies more than 50 miles from their home base.


Unfortunately, the price has recently gone up but we are still able to offer what we believe is the best price in Australia, not in an effort to make money out of the product but simply to make flying a safer activity by selling these at close to cost price as a service to our customers.


  • Skybound pilot supplies as these listed the $750 plus shipping
  • Johnny Appleseed GPS has these listed for $730 plus shipping
  • Mendelssohn pilot supplies has these listed as $695 plus shipping





All three of these businesses are considered to be amongst the cheapest retailers in Australia.


As a special deal to members of this website who contact me directly we will offer them for the special price of $649 plus $15 delivery by express post.


Unlike most of the other advertisers we currently have the units in stock for immediate delivery. Many thanks Michael



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