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Challenger bracket failure

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Hi to Challenger drivers (and others with struts)


There was an in flight failure of the forward lift strut attachment bracket (Rony bracket) recently on a Canadian Challenger. Fortunately it was fitted with a BRS and the result was accordingly good.


It has however given us a reminder to check our aircraft a little more thoroughly if you are sometimes a little lax in maintenance.

The attached picture shows the failure point.


This item needs to be checked every 50hrs on the Challenger. It is also to be noted that if the aircraft is being de-rigged frequently, that the forward strut attachment bolt only be finger tight and secured with a castle nut and safety pin. If however the aircraft remains rigged, you can replace the castle nut with a nylock until it is just a snug fig.


The reason possibly for the failure was being super cautious, yet over zealous with a spanner and managing to squash the lift strut into an oval shape. The head of the bolt had actually initiated the crack in the bracket.

Therefore, the lesson here being - RTFM - or in polite terms, Understand your flight manual.


I will be asking Challenger owners to check their aircraft and report back any instances of said cracks.





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I received a couple of photos of these rony brackets in June. they are used in various applications on several different makes of aircraft.

apparently same problem turned up several years ago.





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