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RAAF F4 Pilots.


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Have been looking up a bit of RAAF history & have come to a dead end. I was wondering if anyone out there knew anything more about the six RAAF exchange pilots who flew F4 Phantoms with the USAF in Vietnam from 1965 to 1971 approximately. This is about all I've been able to find so far:


Flying with United States forces




A Phantom F4-D in flight over Vietnam in 1971. Distinguished by the rondels of the RAAF and the United States Air Force, this aircraft was flown by an RAAF pilot, Flight Lieutenant Lindsay Naylor, who was attached to the United States’ 389th Tactical Fighter Squadron. Only six Australians flew operations in United States aircraft of this type during the war, some of them over Laos and North Vietnam, even though Australian personnel were not authorised to operate outside South Vietnam. The war was winding down by the time Naylor began operational flying with United States forces but he was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross for his role in a hazardous ground-support mission over a fire support base outside Pleiku in April 1971.


Here is the relevant photo of the F4 with dual Australian/US markings:





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