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Hi All - from Melbourne!


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G'day All,


Glad to be a part of this forum. Have read some interesting threads thus far.


I'm a female interested in aviation - eek! Have done a bit of private flying and interested in commercial aviation.


Wishing to learn a bit more about aircraft types and broadening my commercial aviation knowledge while participating in random and interest driven posts.


Cheers ~ Footprints



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Guest Chainsaw

Gday Footprints and welcome to TAA.


Nice friendly bunch here. Ask anything you want and we shall help :)



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G'Day Footprints and Welcome to our wonderful world!


I'm the boards enforcer :LOL: (see name) and welcome everyone along!


I just got a dream job in an Airline at Melbourne International Airport working for Virgin Blue as a Baggage Handler. Today is my first day on the Tarmac since my training. I absolutely love it and am hopeing that I can rise through the rank to become a Manager.


I also enjoy Aviation Photography and when I'm not Airside, you will find me the other side of the fence with my trusty Camera in hand. If you ever want a tour of the outside please don't hesitate to PM me.


Once again Hello and Welcome!



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