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New member intro - career advice welcome


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As requested I am saying g'day to the greater community. Been interested in flying since knee high to a grasshopper but never been able to afford to get off the ground.


I am now 30 and wondering have I left it too late? Should I compete with the 20 million school leavers to get a shot in the various cadetships? Are the cadetships any good?


If I go the GA route and keep my current job it will take years before I can seriously take up as a full time pilot and even then I will be taking a pay cut - but its what I've always wanted to do.


Confused. Assistance and advice welcome.



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Guest aviatrix27

G'day and welcome!


I started learning to fly when I was 34, and hubby started when he was 50. It's never too late to start learning to fly. However, we have never aspired to be more than private pilots. There are members of this site who are in the cadet programmes - hopefully some of them will respond.



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