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Hello all!


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Hi mate,


Welcome to the site we all first lurked in LOL


You will have to stick around with the rest of us, at least you don't have to be concerned that you are walking on egg shells here.


But you better watch out for me and Don because we will obviously use this site for our own political gain 022_wink.gif.2137519eeebfc3acb3315da062b6b1c1.gif... whoops, you might get blamed for that when we run the by-election for NSW, but I am sure you will be allowed to say that on here ...won't he Glenn???



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Hello David, Well it different over here. I was getting very confused over the intentions of others. I hope that we get some clarity over here.


As, largely, weekend warriors it is difficult for the reps to get a handle on what people want and to sort out some of the competing requirements and opinions.


I understand Don has a biggish workload including the garbage patrol and putting the cat out. I hope we can do the right thing to help him do his right thing, which he is doing for the benefit of us all.


Moderators - please be gentle for we are mere mortals.


Col :huh:



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Guest David C

Good to see you here Col .. Hope to see you over The Oaks soon .. I'm trapped in Malta right now for a few more dys at least , then over to Birmingham , someone has to do it . It's a hard life , but someone has to do it 022_wink.gif.2137519eeebfc3acb3315da062b6b1c1.gif


I' sure you will find us a friendly bunch over here ..


Dave C



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