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Had To Be A Pilot Once Surely

Guest DWB

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There was this retired pilot (just to keep an aviation twist to the story) who bought a farm & way down the back paddock was a nice clear water pond that he decided to utilise for watering a small orchard, so he established one by the pond.


One day when some peaches were ready for picking he sauntered down from the homestead about 1.5km away with a bucket - as he was getting closer to the orchard he could hear voices & giggling, sounded like girls. Well he walked through the orchard and sure enough here were 3 little lovelies skinny dipping in his pond. They spotted him coming & sank low into the water. They explained to him that they just wanted to cool off & seeing the pond was so remote they just stripped off, naked. Our ex pilot friend said that was OK, but suggested they should really leave. The girls through giggles said not until he went away, as they weren't prepared to put on a show.


He advised them that was OK but he'd just come down to feed the crocodile with a bucket of scraps........... & he got his show! Quick thinking - had to be a pilot.



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