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Low Flying - Well Sort Of


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Yeah I'm guessing it is one of those "cool" ideas that is a lot harder to translate into a practical business proposition, than to make it work in the first instance. There is a strange (Kiwi?) contraption that combines a hovercraft with short wings too, looks like a hell of a lot of fun, but again, why not go the whole hog and build something that can actually climb away from the earth. I'm not sure about the big Russian ekranoplanes, but most of these smaller Wing in Ground Effect machines are capable of zooming up to clear an obstacle, before drifting down again. Funnily enough I'm reading a biography about Clifford the Incat bloke from Hobart at the moment, I hadn't really paid them too much attention but see that they were working on something not too different, albeit relying on water propulsion and on a massive scale.



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