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Applications For The Ra-aus Technical Manager Position


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Applications for the RA-Aus Technical Manager position




Recreational Aviation Australia Inc. (RA-Aus) is Australia's largest Sports Aviation Organisation supporting more than 10,000 members and 3,400 recreational aircraft. RA-Aus require a suitably qualified and experienced person in the role of Technical Manager, based in Canberra and willing to travel. The position is accountable to the RA-Aus Executive through the CEO and ultimately to CASA.


The Technical Manager contributes to the development of, and operates under, the RA-Aus and CASA approved Technical Manual. Please refer to the Technical Manager's duty statement on our website.


To succeed in this role you will have a professional, proactive approach and be committed to the development of robust management systems that ensure high quality results. You will have a strong customer service philosophy with a passion for the continuing development, within our membership, of the commitment to safety.


To achieve your deadlines you will need to have developed strong time management and prioritisation skills; use of record management systems and the MS Office suite; have experience in the training and development of aircraft maintenance personnel; and possess sound budgeting and forecasting skills.


Knowledge of appropriate CASA legislation is essential.


This role offers a challenging and rewarding opportunity for the successful applicant. Further detail may be obtained from the CEO.


To apply please forward your letter of application and résumé before 24 February 2012 to [email protected]



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