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[hd Video] One Year In 5 Minutes


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Geday Killianaero,


Now that's the sort of thing we like to see.


Isn't it magic now, with all the 'spy cameras' we can tape or blu tak here and there to get the difficult shots that we couldn't a couple of years ago.


It's not that long ago that I hung onto my video camera out of the window to get 'the not just inside shots'. Of course I then had to cut out the seconds that the camera was still and use them. Tape cams were OK but hard disk ones would not like the jerking and wouldn't save the footage. Lost lots of great stuff in interesting aeroplanes with the Sony HD one.


I have bought a number of small cameras with the idea of attaching them outside ... GoPro, helmet cam , yet a 20 aussie dollar, keyring, spycam taped to the outside or dash or cabin roof is pretty good for short clips inserted here and there.


Keep going with the photography and experiment.





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Guest Michael Coates

I would guess GoPro cameras because the music and speed up technique is from one of their promotional videos from five months ago



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