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Hi Everyone - New Budding Aviation Enthusiast

Jin-oh Choi

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Hi everyone,


I've always had a semi-interest in all things aviation.


I recently had the opportunity to go on Flight Experience™ at the QV Shopping Centre in Melbourne. (http://www.flightexperience.com.au/melbourne)


Flight Experience Melbourne - Boeing 737-800 (16/04/2012)


Take Off, Touch & Go and Landing. (LAX)


I'm hoping that joining this forum with other enthusiasts will help me re-kindle a lost interest.







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the 'vid' does nothing for me....seems they are ripping people off...

What do you say that? Not everyone gets to fly a 737.

I thought it looked pretty cool, although id prefer an F18



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Just had a look at the video, I reckon being in the hot seat would be pretty cool, I can get an hour in a super decathlon for about tha same dosh so unless I got a freebie I wouldn't do it . I can see how they reckon they could bypass the lighties and train peeps direct into the heavies though, all good till the sh1t hits the fan and you need a pilot up front I guess. Top video mate , hopefully you can get into a real aircraft soon!



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