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Advice Please On Taking Online Aviation Training??

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  • 7 years later...

That site is still active. There's NO reason why it (on Line Courses) couldn't be satisfactory. One issue is how relevant will some of it be to HERE?  ALL legit knowledge is worth something. Any school you are thinking of using will have views on this and it depends on how far you may wish to go in Aviation. The US ATR is recognised most around the world. Luckily you didn't have to wait 8 years for a reply. I don't have a lot to offer on this in a general way,  Good luck . Nev



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I bought this exam and did it several times in 2016




The exam was very clunky. I think it was originally written using a technology known as Active Server Pages. The questions are mostly up to date but a few were not. Most exam questions referenced the AIP and Part 61 correctly. The question book was straight forward, the work sheet needed to be downloaded.


One thing I keep noticing is references and exams to parts of AIP that don't exist anymore. One example from the VFRG is




"Keep the airplane out of controlled airspace when the pilot doesn't have a clearance" 


and it references AIP ENR 1.1


This isn't in the AIP and hasn't been for a while. So even the most recent VFRG is referencing a version of the AIP that doesn't exist.


It used to be AIP ENR 1.1 section 19 then it was moved to section 4. Then it as removed as of about 2014.


Yet, I still see exam questions that say 1nm mile by day and 2nm by night for clearance from a controlled airspace below 2000 AGL and so-on. Bob Tait, guilty. Aviation Theory Centre Online, guilty. 


Be ready to really dig into the books when going the computer based training. People (instructors) get certain answers in their heads and don't keep up with the changes. AIP ENR section 19 is one example and it gave me a lot of grief. My instructor was adamant I was a lazy idiot (he was right) because I didn't know the day VFR clearance limits for flying outside controlled airspace, from memory (but this wasn't the reason).


We spent maybe three hours with three sets of paper AIPs and two sets of company exams. We found a lot of other stuff that wasn't in the AIP anymore.


Summary: Aviation law exams suck. The planning and maths bits are generally ok. Generally the paid exams aren't better than the resources that are free online.


I paid a fortune for access to updated Aviation Therory Centre online books. I will be sending a large number of amendment requests. Not worth it, inaccurate and not kept up-to-date. Bloody hard to search too.



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Another example that people writing exams might refuse to let die:




and Bob Tait's reply:




I think he attributed the reformed behavior to CASA when the publication actually belongs to Air Services



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