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Fischer, Lockwood And Maxair Drifter Differences


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I've been scratching my head trying to spot the definitive VISUAL difference between these three drifters which to the casual eye seem the same.


I think 25-0787 and 25-0413 are Lockwood. These two appear to use the Rotax 582 and have the distinctive cowl that stops before the front seat.


The Fischer Mk1 seems to have the same wire bracing but a different cowl and more likely a Rotax 503 engine.


What about the Maxair? 912 engine? Lockwood have been making the two seat drifter of the Maxair design since 1997.


The Austflight drifter is strut braced so that is easy to spot but is it the same basic kit with struts?


What are the other differences or are they all the same basic set of poles and parts with a different cowl?



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Drifter 25-0787 was built by Austflight in 1993 & Drifter 25- 0413 was built by Austflight in 1990.


Drifters used to be built in Boonah by Jim Fenton. I first went solo in a drifter at Boonah in 1990.The school's CFI was at the time Marc Auer.We operated out of the Austflight factory at Boonah. Austflight built cable braced drifters for many years (XP503) before the built the SB582.A mate of mine has a maxair drifter which was assembled at Austflight.


Austflight took the maxair and beefed it up in some areas then turned in into the certified XP503.



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