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Guest DWB

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I've just returned on Sunday 23rd June from a whirlwind trip in my ATEC Zephyr to Sandford, across the Derwent River from Hobart & on the edge of Ralphs Bay.


The trip was to collect RAAus Come And Get It Trophy & return it to the mainland (& first time in NSW for a few years).


I was accompanied on the trip by friend & student pilot Peter Zweck, from near Henty NSW, who is also a (quiet) member here. Lawrie Barton-Johnson had held it down there for 16 months so the time had well & truly come.


Statistics from the trip are:


Total Engine Time = 18.6


Total distance flown = 1738nm


Average speed = 116 kts


Fuel used = 317.25 L


Fuel Consumption = 17 L/Hr


The trip down was depart Denman (19th June), Pete's farm paddock landing (pick him up & refuel), Benalla, Seymour, Yea, Glenburn Gap, Coldstream (overnight stop & refuel) Flinders Island (fuel top up - 22L AVGAS @ $3.03 / Litre + $20 callout) down the east coast of Tas. inland at Orford to the Derwent River at Bridgewater (staying in the 2500' LL step) Down the Derwent through Hobart over to Sandford staying with our hosts for 2 nights then the return trip up through the west of Launceston CTR, Devonport, refuel Wynyard, Smithton, King island (didn't land), Cape Otway, 12 Apostles fly past scenic, Peterborough, Ballarat (refuel), Shepparton (overnight) Pete's farm (drop him off & refuel), Denman (23rd June).


I already have a couple of friends from Swan Reach planning to come & get it from me soon.......


The trip was fantastic & our hosts looked after us extremely well with a tour of the city & surrounds on the Friday.


Anyone on Facebook can read/see a lot more on the Page we created called CAGIT Hunters https://www.facebook.com/CagitHunters


Video of landing at Sandford (challenging strip) & CAGIT handover below







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Just out of curiosity, how long is that strip?

Lawrie said 380 metres but I had a feeling it was a bit less, felt like it anyway. I only used less than 200m of it though



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Guest aviatrix27

it looked like you didn't use much more than 1/2. Still far too short for this little black duck!



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Guest David C

Absolutely my heartiest congratulations . It was about time the trophy came back to NSW , at least for the time being . Well done .


Dave C



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