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The BAC TSR2 - The untold story - Documentary


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Thanks for posting that. Another case of weak-willed leaders failing hard-working builders.


What can Australia learn from this shemozle?


We are losing much of our manufacturing industry: Ford is closing, and GMH Holden is threatening to go as well.


Should our leaders give our car industry the sort of support their competitors get, or should we let the market rule?


Instead of subsidising Detroit, could we instead be invested in repairing Australia's aging infrastructure? Australians coming home from touring Asia can see how far behind we are slipping. Perhaps a concerted push into High Speed Rail could become our new industrial base.



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Well, rail infrastructure sure helped the USA.........but that was back in the 1800's. Are we that far behind?

At last someone has responded! No, the US is far behind Japan, Taiwan, Europe, China and other nations which have vast networks of high- speed trains. Some of these were planned and built in a decade or so. It took Australia a century to cross the continent.


Most of our road transport equipment is imported, while most rail could be built here, boosting our manufacturing base.


But this is Australia: it's all too hard. We might have to show a bit of vision, invest in our future and even reduce our expenditure on sport, leisure and lifestyle. Not likely.



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At the time, I worked for the company that built the radar system. When the project was scrapped, they had to complete the contracted number of units then take them out and destroy them. Absolute tragedy for British Aviation. There is a TSR2 which escaped destruction in a RAF museum in England, a magnificent beast even now! Incidentally, that -museum (RAF Cosford I think) also has all of the British jet prototypes, Meteor, Prone pilot Meteor, Martin-Baker ejector seat Meteor, English Electric Lightning, Saunders-Roe SR71? with a rocket engine and a jet and many more. All in all well worth a visit. My wife reckoned I was like a boy in a toyshop!


One question, is that documentary available on CD?



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