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Tell us about your last flight


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20 hours ago, kgwilson said:

A comment on your Last Flight.


One day you will walk out to your hangar knowing it is your last flight. or, One day you will walk out to your hangar not knowing it is your last flight.


You will not do both.

“Tell us about your last flight”


This is really telling yourself about your last flight! I can’t see it as helpful. My flying has improved dramatically the past year based on being lucky enough to fly a large variety of aircraft including floats and gliders. Biggest thing I’ve brought to my flying is to leave the little and even the bigger mistakes behind during the flight. Examine them afterward for sure. While flying aviate, navigate and communicate. No dwelling on any negatives during a flight. That’s by far the biggest change. I’ve also realised as I talk to other pilots we all get nervous to some extent at different phases of flight. For me it’s when I’m approaching a busy CTAF and trying to get a picture of the helicopter, the 3 warbirds and a Cessna all deciding to arrive at the same time. I can feel my hands and feet stiffen on the controls and try to relax and aviate while communicating. That was a lesson from gliders in USA. I flew with an American aerobatic champion and he was tough. At one stage he said “I can see that left shoulder rising, relax” I guess we all have instructor comments that stick.


So, how again is that comment helpful? If it’s to make sure you always bring your A game I can see it. 

Blokes and Aches. That’s funny. Just found it on the map. 8,000ft. That’s some serious elevation to live at. 




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Yesterday Nic and I flew to Tooradin on a shopping mission. During return we spotted a 3 day old fire flared up again and I called it in to our local CFA. Landed, drove to intercept the fire truck and 30 minutes later we were mopping up.


Good public relations on French Island from that fire spotting. The fire was very close to escaping into bush to the west.

 There are occasionally aircraft that really abuse the privilege of the French Island training area and The 2 pilots based on the island were being blamed. For example my near neighbour recently asked why I had circled their house about 6 times. Was I trying to intimidate them? I felt terrible for her and apologised on behalf of the pilots responsible.

Pics. Spotted the fire. 2 minutes later our ground crew had hangar doors and farm gates sorted and not long after that on scene! 3 hours later and dark and we were still spotting red glows and mopping up. 





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Many thanks to all fierys, 

I don,t know how they keep their job , when fighting fires over a number of weeks !.

Only a couple left in my family now, & a couple of SES volunteers.

Very proud of them.


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1 hour ago, cscotthendry said:

 My  last flight was over the big hole in the ground.


Oh, and the Hoover Dam too.




Crossing the Pacific would have been way to boring to mention.

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Syd sure has spectacular waterways! Love driving planes in and out of there when everyone is away holidaying, tomorrow they can have it to themselves!😂


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My wife & I just spent the last few days at Figtree Retreat YFIG just NW of Pittsworth Qld, we flew in with our Foxbat 🦊, the 400m strip was in excellent condition & the accommodation first class as was the hangar, the grounds were immaculate & watching the sunset with the fire pit raging & a glass of red🍷 is a must, Ken & Ruth were very welcoming & hospitable, we can highly recommend Figtree & we’ll definitely be back.



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A flight that had fog forming over the land to meet the low cloud due to the moist sea air meeting with the cooler land air.  Was ok being right on the coast line but not nice if over land and no visible suitable landing areas.  Its a bit longer than I wanted but also wanted to show the different sky.  First use of the editing programme and it was easy to use.  Hope you enjoy.

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I flew home last light and yeah, you can see the dirty sky there. I’m burning off (pic below as I heaped the wood up after landing) and last night probably contributed to my dirty flying air for today. Should have RAA retractable endorsement this week  if all goes to plan and CASA conversion from FAA still involves more hurdle jumping including my English language proficiency check. I’ve been trying to perfect English for 63 years now so should pass.

Clip,was taken with iPhone in one hand and I’m surprised how close the fence and tea tree look. Feels higher. Pretty standard landing without a headwind. With headwind the aircraft is stopped by the shed/ hangar. Without it take a while to pull up on the downhill. I let it dissipate as much energy as possible with elevator all the way up and delay gently braking as long as possible. Tail wheel is the answer! Rans S21, Sinus Flex motor glider (long/ short  wing interchange is 5 minutes 1 bolt each) and the quicksilver. Virus SW 121 will likely be sold when the tail wheel Pipistrel arrives later this year from USA. I’ll miss the Nynja……. It’s such a simple easy aircraft to fly. Plenty of nibbles at 48k but no takers yet. Wouldn’t want to be in aircraft sales. Sinus long wing tail wheel sold twice now and yet I still own it!




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Evening all. Here's a little video of a flight to Urana NSW I did recently - making the most of a little fine weather in the south eastern Riverina. Grab you favourite bevvy, put your feet up and enjoy the trip 😁 


Cheers to Ralph Emery who maintains the airstrip at Urana. He keeps it in excellent condition. If there has been recent rain, give him a call before flying in to ensure the grass/clay strip is suitable for landing. See contact details in the video.



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Garfly came and stayed with us on the weekend, I had not met him before but since he is an aviator I figured he must be a decent fellow. Enjoyed his company very much. We naturally had to go for a fly in the thruster.  


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On 8/4/2022 at 6:58 PM, facthunter said:


  Using a Ballistic chute at sea with strong winds can have adverse effects.  It's not called the Roaring Forties for nothing and Bass straight weather can change rapidly. Nev

I’m in South Dakota boating when I want to be flying. Missing it! Realise how bloody lucky I am to be able to,wheel,an aircraft out most days and only slow downs are engine warm up and deciding the cape barren geese take off direction or lack of interest in taking off. They’ve become very complacent about the very big noisy bird and mostly ignore it.

Made me go back over rec flier yesterday and “tell us about your last flight” …. Then for some reason I thought of your comment amd bass strait winds.


 It’s not just a BRS deploy is it! . It’s what the hell happens to that chute when the aircraft is on the water with a high wind! I suspect it’d get laid in the water pretty quick. Hopefully none of us ever have to find out. 

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