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Too much right rudder required?

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I have owned a P92JS for almost eight years now, and either I am starting to get a senior moment, or the aircraft seems to need a lot more right rudder input than I recall in the early days.


A new pilot has been flying the aircraft and keeps commenting about how unusual it is to need constant rudder input in all phases of flight, so I thought I would revisit the topic.


As I fly it regularly, it may have insidiously crept up on me. We now have the rudder trim bent for right rudder almost 90 degrees which seems extreme, and with this set, feet off we are half a ball out to the right during 75% power cruise.


Is this the general experience with other flyers of this aircraft?


I more or less have to keep some right rudder pedal pressure on all the time, during all phases of flight.


We will be checking the steering next to make sure the nose wheel is centered in flight as I had to replace one steering dampener spring last year.


I also swapped out the TC a few years back, and it is possible the ball is not centered correctly. So will check this out as soon as I can get to a hanger and level the aircraft.


Cheers - Ed



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Ignoring the fact that this is unqualified advise via the internet, get the aircraft checked out by a licensed AME before anyone flies it again.


It's someone's real rear end at risk not a virtual rear end.



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Has the engine been removed & re-installed without any torque offset? The offset on most seems to be in the 1 to 2 degree range. Mine is 4 degrees & with the cowl off it looks like it should fly in circles hands off. Depends on the engine and mount combination but you may be able to add 2 to 3 mm of shims to help straighten it up. If it's 24 registered though or you didn't build it yourself talk to a competent LAME.



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Yeah, best to get that looked at.


A trim tab bent over 90º, is basically stalled and not doing much.


Many things to look for;


Nose wheel springs?


Drooping aileron?


Mis-aligned aileron hinge (the ailerons hang off the top skin on a Technam?)


Nosewheel spat loose?


Rudder cable fraying somewhere?037_yikes.gif.f44636559f7f2c4c52637b7ff2322907.gif


Rudder pedal springs?



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Thanks for the replies.


I have been flying this aircraft for over 500 hours, and it has always been necessary to apply some right rudder pressure since I bought it eight years ago, I just never thought it out of the ordinary until another experienced pilot commented on it, so this is not a sudden thing, just one I took for granted.


My aircraft is the certified version based in Thailand.


The engine has not been replaced.


We (mechanic & I) have been checking the steering springs, and nosewheel alignment, fairings etc, all Ok.


Aileron hinges are ok, and the ailerons are level in flight.


When the nosewheel is straight, so is the rudder, and the steering springs are both taught, so I am not sure this is the issue.


We will next check the rigging and level alignment.


I was just curious if this was a characteristic of this aircraft, or an issue just with mine.


Cheers. E



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Guest Maj Millard

Those aircraft grade cables that aren't supposed to stretch at all...DO !..........so first thing I would do is lock the rudder pedals in neutral and see what the rudder is doing. If its off to one side remove both rudder cables and check for length. There is absolutely no reason you should need a rudder trim tab bent 90deg. Engine /prop thrust line off to one side will cause that effect. The prop in flight wants to orientate vertical and horizontal, the aircraft is just forced to follow really.


My Lightwing for instance carries no fixed trim tabs anywhere...........and flys straight as an arrow.................Maj.....



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Have you bent the trim tab the correct direction? I don't explicitly know that aircraft type but I am assuming that it is an aluminium tab at the trailing edge of the rudder like most types. If you are having to hold right rudder then the tab should be moved to the left.



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