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Accident near Bunbury W A

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Looks to be a Beechcraft 17 Staggerwing, one of the most beautiful tail draggers around.


Hope the pilot is on the mend & the Aircraft can be fixed.


Note the reporter says Tiger Moth, at least its not a Cessna.


Fly Safe


R W:rotary:





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Not too many red Staggerwing's around Perth. This one flew over for the RAAF 100th at Point Cook in March. I guess this is the one.






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TV news tonight stated that the owner/PIC Chris Shine had 5000 hrs. Incorrect - he has 24,000 hrs and if he couldn't save that beautiful aircraft -then who could? Hope his recovery is speedy and he gets to keep flying his collection of interesting aircraft.


happy days,



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It was worth searching for these - 5 people, 183 kts cruise - in 1932. Makes you wonder how much knowledge and initiative we've lost in just eighty years.











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