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Election statements

Guest Andys@coffs

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I note on the RAAus Members portal that the election statements for those who have nominated are now up, including mine (for NSW).


I also note with some interest that there are 3 nominations for Tasmania (fantastic!) but sadly for other state positions there are a few that will be elected unopposed, which in my view is a shame. Surely in a 10,000 member organisation we can roust up more interest in our organisation than a single candidate (and I mean no disrespect for those that did nominate, just that they are in a 1 horse race).


Details here:- https://www.raa.asn.au/election-statements-for-board-election-2014


Please, please take the time to review, do your due diligence and then vote and do so numbering your entire preferences for as many as there are candidates. Only providing a tick or a 1 with our election system means that if your preferred candidate doesn't have sufficient votes to get across the majority line then you run the risk of playing no part in the next rounds of counting once the least successful candidate is removed. Only if you vote, for example in NSW from 1 to 5 are you guaranteed that your wishes will form part of the final result







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Well said Andy!


Allow me to be the first to give you a strong endorsement for your candidacy. I am certain you are exactly the sort of person our Board needs. Experienced and progressive in your thinking.


We are fortunate in NSW/ACT in having a strong field of candidates. I was disappointed though to see Michael Apps nominates again. Michael has been doing great things for Aviation since before I was born! He has in his time on the RAA Board been a wise head and I have never heard him say or write anything I would disagree with. We could certainly do a lot worse than Michael but it is about time for some others to step up and have a go.


For all that, I would recommend that RAA members read all the election statements for their region and make a choice and vote! For RAA to be a real democracy, we need more than one in five to cast a vote. More apathy will certainly lead to the eventual demise of RAA. Strong participation will make RAA strong and the Board properly accountable to the members.


We have two Board Members to elect in NSW/ACT so make sure you vote for more than one candidate.


Col Jones is well known to us on RecFlying and I value his contribution.



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