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New Resources Section OPEN


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As previously hinted the Pilot Tools section is being rolled into a new Resources section that has the capacity to provide a lot more to site members. Currently I have come up with the following categories:




Clubs and Schools




New South Wales




South Australia




Western Australia


Northern Territory


New Zealand


Other Training Resources


Items of Reference


Tools and Calculators




Flying Tutorials


Can anyone think of any other categories that can be added to provide a comprehensive list of great resources for all site members. Note, the Airstrips and Tutorials are links to other site areas rather than being in the resources software, which is also why the have to be at the bottom of the category list because it is added code rather than an auto generated list of categories.


Site members will be able to add their own entries PLUS any new resource added shows up in the New Posts page, each has their own discussion thread and are included in the site search function (except for Airstrips and Tutorials)


So, can you think of any resources that could go into the new Resource section that wouldn't fit into one of the above categories.



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The new Resources Section is open. You can upload any files that you can share with/help everyone else in the Downloads category, you can add reference material, your club / flying school, any tools and calculators etc.


Please help to build the Resources Section up with many helpful items for everyone in our aviation community.


For a trial period, the download category allows for you to even add a resource for a small cost to everyone if it is appropriate however this will be for a trial period to see how that goes as it shouldn't be used just to skim money from other site users and if this ends up the case then then it will have to be changed to only allow free downloads



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