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New object library, for FS9


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Hi to Recreational Flying friends, australian and other.


I would like to open this new post, hoping to support the scenery developer amateurs, introducing my library.


This objects library, made with GMax and without adding new textures (using the standard FS ones),


is currently contains more than three hundred models, and it is implemented in time.


The library is builded for SBuilder, my use, but I think can safely be used by other work packages.


Find below the links that refer to the procedure and use the files that allow you to have updates.


https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/38829151/FS9/SBuilder/How to update_Come aggiornare.pdf


here on below you can see the complete preview of the library content




and here you can see the GUID codes and other info (for SBuilder)




here on below you can find the gbl files






as they are added to other models, I will not fail to report the following information all here; anyway when you go through the links you'll find the last update docs


good sceneries





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a warm greeting to everybody, especially the ones of FS9 "hard core" 014_spot_on.gif.1f3bdf64e5eb969e67a583c9d350cd1f.gif


after a reflection pause (a bit long) I added something to the library, essentially linked to the attempt to develop the scenery of my lands (AltoMilanese), mainly with Autogen and Generic Buildings plus some dedicated SBuilder objects.


Let's see what will come of it ... while having to deal with the frame-rate




022_wink.gif.2137519eeebfc3acb3315da062b6b1c1.gif Aldo







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