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Urgent Board Meeting of Directors

Guest john

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The Chairman of the Board summoned an urgent meeting of all of the Company Directors & requested that each of the 8 Directors come into his office one by one.


Finally the last of the 8 Directors to front the Chairman was the most junior Director that had only been appointed to his executive position 2 weeks previously.


The Chairman of the Board & the other 7 Directors that were seated around the table in the Board room sat there solemnly & the Chairman asked the newly appointed junior Director "Have you slept with my Secretary yet"? The junior Director replied: "Certainly not Sir". "Are you absolutely sure"? "I've never laid a finger on her" replied the junior Director. "You'd swear on that "? "Certainly I have never slept with her or even touched her"


The Chairman then responded to the junior Director & Said: "Good, then you fire her".054_no_no_no.gif.950345b863e0f6a5a1b13784a465a8c4.gif



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