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Bob had been dating his girlfriend for two years so they decided to get married.


One thing bothered Bob & that was his girlfriends sister.


She was stunning & Bob often found himself thinking about her.


One day Bob & the sister were alone in the house.


"I know you watch me" said the sister.


I watch you too and I'm going upstairs. If you want one last fling before you get married - I'll be waiting.


Bob was stunned. He stood frozen for a moment & then bolted out the door & ran straight for his car.


To his shock - the entire family were standing outside - all clapping.


With tears in his eyes, his father-in-law hugged him.


"Bob, we are happy you passed our little test, we couldn't ask for a better man for our daughter.


Welcome to the family my son.


And the moral of this story:-


Always keep your condoms in your car.



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