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I'm real happy I bought a Tecnam

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Hearing some of the horror stories from fellow pilots about various failures in the currently being reviewed Australian aircraft, I'm real happy we chose to buy a Tecnam Echo in over ten years ago. My Tecnam is a superlative aircraft has taken me far and wide - furthest to northern WA - without demur.


The only time I flew a (new) Jabiru into my 900m farm strip it had an engine failure mid -final and I had to resort to dead stick landing. Clearly, I managed that! Later I learned it was due to fuel starvation - OK, but this was a new aircraft destined for a number of ab initio students. Makes you wonder doesn't it.


Cheers, Louise



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So the fuel starvation was a design fault of the aircraft or an error in the operation?


While I'm sure the Tecnam is a lovely aircraft, your 2nd paragraph adds nothing to that discussion.



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Hi Louise


Where are you based...wheat belt, pastoral, ? What do you do with the Tecnam.?


WA is my last frontier in the Auster. I would love to go back and see it all, especially the old station in the Upper Gascoyne. It is now a tourist destination as the pastoral activity was closed down some years back and part of the run was given over to the indigenous owners.


Fuel is a big problem for me getting across there because I only have 2 hours 45 plus reserves and reliable supplies are often more than 250 NM apart.





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G'day, can people tell me their thoughts positive and negative on the Tecnam P2002 model, I've been very keen on this model for some time now and have done my last few bfr's in this model. I find it a very easy to fly, easy to land aircraft. P2002 owners please share your thoughts.



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I have owned a P2002 for the last 4 1/2 years and absolutely love it, over 400hrs in it in that time and cannot fault it in any way shape or form


Best looking rec aircraft in the market in my bias opinion along with faultless flying qualities



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